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Friday, August 10, 2012

A Turn for the Douche.....

Monday, August 6, 2012

Miss Ginger Has a Sudden New Sports Interest....


Friday, August 3, 2012


Whacky Miss G gave the wrong email address for Bubba John!  It's  
Hope you can make it!!  Check out MegaBus if you're not the airplane type!!

...Boy G 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me...

Happy Birthday, He-She,
Happy Birthday, dear Drag Queen,
Happy Birthday, Miss G!!

No, you didn't miss it!! It doesn't happen until February, 2013. But When it hits, it's gonna hit hard!  The big 5-0!  Over the Hill! Headed to Shady Pines!!  Oye!

But Miss G's not going down without a fight, so she has decided to throw herself a surprise birthday party!!!!

"Huh?" How can you surprise yourself?"  Well, it's easy!!  The party is going to be in New Orleans... who doesn't want to go there?  And, since her birthday falls on a Friday night, February 22nd, the date is easy to pick!  So how's it going to be a surprise?!

Easy- she has NO IDEA who's coming!!!  She might be there all by her lonesome,  tears draining into a warm beer at the Bourbon Pub.  But you wouldn't let that happen to our gurl, would you?

So, if you wanna come, all you have to do is email my brother John at   Or our friend Sonna at  They are both in on the idea.  Once they have an idea of the number of participants, they will work out details of the where, the when, etc.  Then, they can also contact hotels in the French Quarter to see if they can get a group rate.  The sooner you let them know you're on,  the more time they have to work out a deal.  Of course, you're welcome to stay wherever your little heart desires!  Bring yo friends! Bring yo kids!  Bring anyone who's up for a party!! 

I can't WAIT to see who loves Miss G enough to find their way to NOLA for the party!!  It may be her last hurrah before she's over the hill!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My "Wordle"

By now most of you GingerSnaps have probably seen a "word cloud"; certainly, if you've had a corporate moment with anyone from "learning and development" at your organization, you've had them PowerPointed at you ad nauseum! So, you probably already know that a "word cloud" analyses all of the words in a piece of text and creates "art" by emphasizing the most common words.

This one, however, isn't all about teamwork and winning- it's about ME!!! That in itself makes it a wonderful thing!! 

Miss Ginger created her "Wordle" at  simply by pasting the URL to this 'ole blog!! It's been really interesting trying to crack the code!

Of course, Miss G is not the least bit surprised that "Miss" and "Ginger" were the largest words, consider her extreme preference for the 3rd person!  She was also happy to see the words "friend", "people", "sing", "hopes", and "dear" posted prominently.  And "British"... Miss G never realized she was such an Anglophile, but hey, she is what she is!  

There were a few words that surprised our girl a bit: "pain", "suicide", "never"... she didn't realized she had dwelled on such morose topics.  But all in all, she thinks her cloud is a pretty good representation of her true self!

So, folks, head on over to Wordle, link your blog, then come back and tell us what you come up with! 

I'm expecting to see "hotties", "houseboys", and "hos" on some of those clouds!


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