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Monday, March 11, 2013

Glass Bottle Windchimes

Here's a quick and easy project that makes use of some of the bottle parts you may have laying around from other old projects!  You'll need 3 sizes of bottle tops and a bottle bottom (this is a magnum, a standard wine bottle, and a beer bottle. Don't judge!)  You'll also need a length of clock chain or other lightweight chain, a large washer, and some cotter pins- all available in the hardware aisle at Lowe's.

Using a diamond hole saw on a dremel tool, drill holes through the neck of each bottle near the end. It sounds intimidating, but drilling with one of these little bits is quick and easy- just remember to use the cutting oil that comes with the bit to preserve it's life.

Make the clapper for the smallest bottle by replacing a link of the chain with a large washer.  It's easy to open and close the links of chains with a couple of pairs of pliers.

Pass the chain through the neck of the smallest bottle, leaving enough chain on each side to center the washer in the middle of the bottle without touching the sides. Insert a large cotter pin through the bottle and the chain, coming out of on the other side of the bottle. use pliers to turn the legs of the pin back, and clip them close to the bottle.

Add the next 2 bottles in the same fashion, omitting the washer, since the bottles themselves will form the clappers. Add the bottle bottom to the bottom of the chain to catch the wind; if breezes in your area are light, replace the bottle bottom with a diamond shape piece of wood, about 5" by 5", to catch more wind.

Now just hang it in a breezy spot and enjoy!


Bob said...

All those empty bottles lying about and here you are giving me useful tips!
I guess I don't have to stop drinking as long as there are pr0jects that require wine bottles.

Wonder Man said...


Unknown said...

This is a great way to recycle unused wine bottles. It actually turned out to be great. Very creative. Will certainly try it out. Thanks for sharing.

Priyanca Vaishnav said...

I’m trying it right now!


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