The FABULOUS Miss Ginger Grant!

The FABULOUS Miss Ginger Grant!
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About Miss Ginger

Miss Ginger Grant is a philanthropist, performer, and gal about town in the Houston, Texas community!  Her favorite color is purple, her favorite holiday is Mardi Gras,  and her beverage of choice is..., well,  does she HAVE to choose?

Miss Ginger excels at all things domestic, keeping a spotless home despite her busy schedule.  As taught by her Momma G, a TRUE Southern Belle, a gracious lady must keep a tidy home, a stocked pantry, and an ample bar.  Momma G also taught her to cook, sew, and garden,  and to hire staff for the tedious chores like cleaning and mowing!

Through the pages of this blog, Miss Ginger hopes to bring some of Momma G's love for life into your home!

She lives in Houston Heights with her special kitties,  Shelby, and Nog!

Drop her a line at and tell her hello!


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