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Saturday, April 28, 2012

No Explanation Necessary!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Chip It!

Miss Ginger has found the most awesome website and she just HAS to share it with you!  She's actually been looking for something like this for quite a while, and she finally found it on Pinterest!  It's not ON Pinterest, actually, it has its own link.

I'ts called ChipIt, and it's a blast! Sherwin Williams has created this online tool that coordinates their pant colors to any image you find!  It works with files you have on your computer, as well as images you find on the web!  

Miss Ginger loves her a nature-inspired paint scheme, so she created a few for you with images she found on the web!

Wouldn't this be a gorgeous paint scheme for a bath?

And even the most benign, unattractive images can create a color scheme that is amazing!

Miss Ginger gives ChipIt the coveted 5 lipsticks- with a paint scheme to match!

Monday, April 16, 2012

It's That Time Again!

It's time for everyone's favorite "run for the roses!" (And what queen doesn't LOVE roses?!)

Hosted, once again, by your's truly, Miss Ginger Grant!

It's our 5th annual, and this party has grown to be QUITE a hoot- so if you can't make it to Kentucky (and why would you want to?) then make it to EJ's! 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Blessings!

I think this clip is saying "if you survived the party last night, consider yourself blessed." Gritty video, but a great sound and a great voice!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Only in Texas!®

It's been a long time since Miss Ginger brought you news that's so ridiculous it could only happen in Texas, but it's been piling up, so here she goes!

From the town of Rockwall, up Dallas way, a teacher at Heritage "Christian" Academy was fired for conceiving a baby out of wedlock.  Really?  Of course, the teacher is lawyering up to sue the school, which claims it had a right to fire her because she violated a "code of ethics" clause in her contract.  Of course, no one actually saw her violate said clause, but the circumstantial evidence is pretty convincing.  Whaddya think, GingerSnaps? Who's going to win in the battle of the christians and "lyings on her back"?

Speaking of christians and lions, Dallas megachurch pastor Ed Young felt it necessary to use a live lion and a live lamb in his easter Sunday service, riling the Humane Society folks to no end.  Now, you all know how Miss Ginger feels about churches in general, and these non-denominational, egomaniacal ones really burn her biscuit!  Really, dude, if you have to hold wild animals captive to explain the story of your invisible friend and his return as a zombie, perhaps you're not a eloquent as you think!

And, while this one didn't actually happen in Texas, it features the state's most infamous camera hog, Sheila Jackson Lee!  Apparently Ms. Lee felt shorted by the lack of camera time she garnered during the recent conviction of Michael Jackson's doctor murderer, so she jetted herself to Florida to cop some shots with the parents of the late Trayvon Martin.  Don't get me wrong: Miss Ginger is as happy as the rest of the enlightened world that Trayvon's murderer is being brought to trial. She just kinda takes an issue with her Texas tax dollars being spent for a State Representative to involve herself with a case from another state.  Really, SJL: we've got plenty of discrimination and misjustice for you to address right here in Texas!! (DISCLAIMER: the photo was taken in Washington, where SJL would have had to fly anyway in the normal conduct of her represential business. Miss G is just being dramatic.)

And finally, Frothy Mix has pulled out of the race for the Republican nomination, rendering the Texas primary a complete and total waste of time... not that it wasn't already!   

So, sing-along, GingerSnaps!

"Stumpety stump stump, stumpety stump stump, look at Frothy go.....

Stumpety stump stump, stumpety stump stump,everyone told you NO!"

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Zombie Day!

Did your invisible friend see his shadow, bringing six more weeks of gaudy eggs and chocolate bunnies?!

Friday, April 6, 2012


My "issues" will be so much easier to deal with now that I understand them!


I wouldn't call it "good". It was okay. But I think Caturday will be better!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

This Is The Moment....

The time has come, dear GingerSnaps, to share the thoughts that have been consuming Miss Ginger for the last few months.  This has been a very painful time for Miss G, with a lot of emotional writhing, and even a few tears.  But, today is the day that she puts it all behind her and moves forward with her life.

Miss Ginger, after much consideration, has withdrawn her membership from her beloved Krewe of Olympus.  She can write about it now because it is done. The email went out today. She pushed the button, pulled the trigger, fired the shot... whatever you want to call it. It's done.

She didn't want to do it. She LOVED the Krewe, and what it stood for, and tried very hard to make her time there mean something. She worked hard for the organization, and supported it's missions and endeavors, and still does. But she just can't be there anymore. It's just no fun!

Like any family, there were always disagreements, and Miss Ginger often found herself trying to be the voice of reason, the peacemaker of the family, if you will. It never worked.  The 2 sides of that "family" were more like the Hatfields and the McCoys, and the more Miss Ginger tried to pull them together, the more they pushed apart. She just couldn't take it any more.  She's like a child whose parents have divorced: so sad that the family is breaking up, but so happy that the yelling and fighting will stop.  And as for her feelings about the Krewe, I think that's like a lot of those divorced parents:  "I love them. I will ALWAYS love them. I just can't LIVE with them!"  How often have we heard that?!

There are those that may not be happy that Miss Ginger has chosen to share this with you, dear GingerSnaps, but you deserve to know. Most of you are distanced from all of this drama anyway, and those of you who are close to it will just have to understand Miss Ginger's need to share. Or not. It is a risk that she's willing to take. But regardless of where anyone sits, all of you who know me and love me know that I did everything I could do to improve my relationship this group, but ultimately, I had to leave. It just wasn't for me any longer.  The members that remain will be able to move forward with their plans, whatever they may be, unfettered by Miss Ginger's attempts to keep the group current, and connected, and going the direction she wanted to see it go.

Miss Ginger thought she would be happy today, but she is not. Nor is she sad. She's just calm. Calm and strangely rested. Man, that's a feeling she hasn't felt in a long time. It feels good!  Because, regardless of what's to come, it's done.  This is the moment Miss G takes her life back!

Palm Sunday!

Talk to the hand!


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