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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Chip It!

Miss Ginger has found the most awesome website and she just HAS to share it with you!  She's actually been looking for something like this for quite a while, and she finally found it on Pinterest!  It's not ON Pinterest, actually, it has its own link.

I'ts called ChipIt, and it's a blast! Sherwin Williams has created this online tool that coordinates their pant colors to any image you find!  It works with files you have on your computer, as well as images you find on the web!  

Miss Ginger loves her a nature-inspired paint scheme, so she created a few for you with images she found on the web!

Wouldn't this be a gorgeous paint scheme for a bath?

And even the most benign, unattractive images can create a color scheme that is amazing!

Miss Ginger gives ChipIt the coveted 5 lipsticks- with a paint scheme to match!

1 comment:

Bob said...

Oooh, I love that.
As the Painter-In-Chief of Casa Smallville, I've been needing a site like this one.

As for Pinterest, I'm just not pinterested.


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