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Friday, July 31, 2009

Back to the Real World!!!

Miss Ginger had a great time in Ireland, and although she may have previously described her hotel there as "rustic" or "cozy", since checking into the Amsterdam Sofitel she will honestly say that it was a dump! She is SO HAPPY to be back in the lap of luxury with a huge room, fabulous toiletries, a cozy bathroom, and a WORKING INTERNET CONNECTION!!!! Back to the real world!

The trip here was gruelling. Although the Aer Lingus Airbus was nice enough, and it was only a two hour flight, Miss G was unable to get the richly deserved sleep she desired on the plane for numerous reasons. The extremely handsome members of the EUFA football team (that's really soccer, but Miss G is feeling tres continental!) that occupied the five seats behind her chattered insessintly (and loudly) in their native slavish toungue, and they giggled and cut up like high school girls. Miss G couldn't understand a word they said, but she's pretty sure they weren't talking about her extreme beauty. In addition, a small child about 6 rows back squalled the entire flight! Loudly! I kept thinking surely the poor dear would exhaust himself, but apparently he had too much sugar a breakfast so he had lots of energy. Thankfull I was in 1C so I was the first one off!

The first day in Amsterdam has been lovely. We caught the Drag Queen Olympics (Miss G is pretty sure she will be back to compete next year) and then did a bit of bar hopping. Miss G got just got back to the room a few minutes ago (2:30am local time) and she's planning on sleeping in tomorrow! More later, but I leave you with the "uncut" version of the opening ceremony from the Drag Queen Olympics!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Checking in from Ireland!

Miss Ginger is having a great time in Ireland even though things have not gone totally as planned. The flight from Houston to Newark was comfortable enough, but the one from Newark to Dublin was grueling, as expected. It might not have been so bad, except, due to the weather in Newark, we sat on the ground in New Jersey for over 2 hours before we took off for our trek across the pond. So the 6 hour flight turned in to an 8 hour flight. To top that off, Miss G bought one of those obnoxious toilet seat shaped neck cushions for the trip, but when she tried to tear the tag off of it, she tore open the seam and tiny Styrofoam beads spewed everywhere. Miss G tried to shove the pillow into a plastic bag, but the more she struggled to get the thing in the bag, the more white pellets spewed forth. Of course, they all have a static charge, so there sits Miss G, acting nonchalant and looking like the abominable snowman. I think she still has Styrofoam beads in her crack 3 days later!
After the plane landed (2 hours late) she realized she had missed connecting with B&T at the airport, and would have to cab it herself. No big deal, except she, for the life of herself, could not remember the name of the hotel. And she didn’t have it written down anywhere. Her laptop wouldn’t get a signal, so she exchanged money (damn, that hurt!) and used an internet kiosk there at the airport to log onto Expedia and get her confirmation info.
Once she got to the hotel, she got settled in, grabbed a snack, took a foot tour, and then relaxed on the bed for a couple of hours. Upon arising, she hooked up with B&T and headed out to find the gayborhood. We’re in it. Real close, anyway. The only thing between us and the gayborhood is shopping. Not a bad locale at all! We had drinks at the George, dinner at SoHo, and called it an early night, and Miss G slept like a baby!
Miss Ginger has declared things here in Dublin lovely, yet somewhat “random”. The hotel, for instance. It’s been created from a series of 5 story Georgian townhomes, interconnected to become a rather large hotel. It appears to have been renovated sometime in the early 80’s, so the very old building seems more dated than modern. Miss G’s room is clearly an attic space, that while clean and spacious, is not particularly well appointed, and it has only a Velux roof window in its slanted ceiling for light and ventilation. Perfectly serviceable, yet quite random. Miss G’s room is on the 5th floor, in a building next door to, and not interconnected with, the main building. Upon entry, one takes 3 steps down to a landing, and then takes the elevator up 3 floors- as high as it goes. After that, one has to walk up 2 flights to Miss G’s room. Not bad, just random.
The day after our arrival, we took the double decker bus tour of the city. It was a nice spin around town and it gave us our bearings. After a nice lunch of Irish stew, we did a bit of shopping and headed back to the hotel to recharge. The hotel’s wireless network is blocking facebook and blogger, so I’ll keep these updates offline and feed them in as I have time!
So after the afternoon “freshen up”, we headed back out to see what we could see. We went to the old library at Trinity University to see the Book of Kells and the other illuminated manuscripts they had on display. Truly amazing that they were written and illustrated by hand, and that they have lasted so long!
After that we had drinks at the George, and a lovely 3 course dinner at a place called Leon. Then we went to the Dragon to see the “Calendar Boys” contest hosted by Veda Deville at 10pm. Well, as Miss Ginger has noted before, things are very different here in Ireland, and the bitch actually started on time. The show was pretty much over when we arrived at 10:30, and Miss Veda was just sort of DJ’ing the post show set herself along with her BFF, Peaches. Occasionally one of them would do a number. Both were lovely girls, but again, strangely enough, they don’t tip their drag queens here in Europe, so the girls were on stage largely unappreciated by the very young audience. Miss Tony decided that, since the 1 and 2 euro denominations are represented by coins rather than notes, the girls would leave the stage either clinking or bruised, neither of which would be a good situation. Miss G personally thinks the EU should print a limited number of “1 Drag Euro” notes for the exclusive use of tipping drag queens. It’s the only civilized thing to do!
Yesterday afternoon was drizzly and cool, not quite rainy. Today is gorgeous, and what this southern girl would call “chilly”. More later, including pics, but I want to get this up while I have a wifi connection!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Miss Ginger Goes Fashion International!

Did you know last week was Fashion Week... in Bangalore, India?! Miss Ginger didn't even know they had a fashion week, but I guess it makes sense, since you're probably not going to be seeing anything like this in Paris or Milan. Or even in one of Fern Mallis's white tents!

They even have designer nehru jackets for the guys! Zoolander, eat your heart out!
And, it's nice to see that their models are a little bit better fed than Kate Moss!
So, who's ready for Project Runway, Bangladesh?

Kinda Freaky!

Here's an article from the TV station website in my little home town of Lake Charles, La. The first article seems like a mundane enough crime article....

James Hill of Lake Charles is shot and killed in a stand off with Alabama police officers
By Adam Hooper - bio email
LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Almost two years ago we reported on the robbery of the Saint Landry Bank in Scott Louisiana. The man police were claiming was responsible was James Alan Hill of Lake Charles. In October of 2007, chief Don Dixon and the Lake Charles Police department arrested Hill, who was charged with a chain of bank robberies in the state.
"One of the things we did do on him as a result of a search warrant is take DNA evidence which we will try an link with some of the other robberies," said Chief Don Dixon in October of 2007.
But to no avail, the charges were dropped after Hill spent 18-months in jail. Hill said the DNA did not match.
"I told him my DNA shouldn't be on nothing because I didn't do it," said James Hill in May of 2009.
But, nearly two years later James Hill is back in the spot light. On Thursday afternoon Hill held up the RBC bank in Mobile Alabama. When police got involved an eight mile chase ensued, a chase that would end in gun fire, and as a result, Hill was shot to death. The gun in Hill's possession turned out to be nothing more than an air pistol. Officers on the scene said it appeared to be something far more dangerous.

But here's where is gets freaky to me:

Neighbors react to Hill's violent death

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - James Alan Hill lived on 22nd Street in Lake Charles for a number of years and still has family living there.
"This was a very bad case of mistaken identity." That's what James Alan Hill told a Lafayette TV station earlier this year when he was released from jail saying he had been cleared of all charges. "I told them my DNA shouldn't be on anything because I didn't do it."
Hill had been arrested by Lake Charles Police in October 2007 when he was believed to be a serial bank robber involved in as many as seven bank robberies and who had eluded authorities for months, until Lake Charles police served a warrant from Lafayette and took him into custody. Now, about three months since his release from jail, family members including his children still live at the house where he was arrested at 1617 22nd street. At this point, the family speaks through their attorney Satrica Williams: "After speaking with the family, the family has instructed me to let the news and the public know that they don't have any further comments to make to you all, that they are in grieving and they would ask you to respect that."
Word of Hill's violent death came as a huge shock to neighbor Norma McFatter who was of the impression Hill was serving time for bank robbery. "I'm shocked because I thought he was incarcerated and I felt safer. But now, knowing that he was out it's scary. Because you just never know who your neighbor is. She says they didn't know he had been released from jail."

1617 22nd Street is 2 houses down from my childhood home!!! We lived at 1701 22nd Street! This house belonged to a family name the Isles when we were kids! They were an older couple with no kids, but Mrs. Isles would always buy candy bars or light bulbs or whatever else the band or boy scouts were selling. They were very sweet, and I'm sure have long since passed, but how freaky that their house was sold to a bank robber! I also remember Mrs. McFatter, the lady quoted in the article! OMG! I wonder what kind of criminal is living in momma's house now!?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Miss Ginger considers the DQO!

What is it?The Drag Queen Olympics are the world’s premier Drag Queen sporting affair with events including the Handbag Throw, the 100m Stiletto Sprint and the Tug-of-War. Last year's competition saw 26 ladies from all corners of the globe come to compete in the Dutch Capital, with many world records shattered. Drag Queen competitors wanting to take part can turn up from 5pm at the Homomonument with wig and heels.

I'm just not sure this ole queen can chuck a handbag as far as she used to! Still, it could be fun to say I competed!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Puttin' it out there!

Miss G is puttin' it out there that the Olympus Ball XL (that's "40" to you non-Romans!) is February 6th, 2010 at the George R. Brown Convention Center here in Houston, Tx! January will be cold and nasty in most parts of the US, and it might be that way here, but more than likely it will be 70f and sunny! Miss G would LOVE to have a whole table of GingerSnaps and DustBunnies to represent GingerBunny nation, but she needs to know relatively soon! So here's the deets:
Miss G has a guest room, a convertible room,and a sofa. First dibs on each.
The Krewe usually negotiates a deal at the Best Western near Tony's Corner Pocket, the bar where we usually have our after party.
There is a GORGEOUS Hilton near the convention center for those who are more luxury inclined. Miss G has a remote connection... if you find the price astronomical, let her know and she'll see if she can negotiate!
She has a table of 10 seats... if she needs more, she can get them if she knows soon enough! So, if anyone is able to commit to a GingerSnap/Dust Bunny summit, let her know so she can get the social committee to work on it!

PS- Houston is the hometown hub for Continental Airlines, the Official Airline for GingerNation, so you may get the best deal through them!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Another Successful Mint Julep Shindig!

The Houston community came out in droves to support Legacy Community Health Services today at the 7th Annual Miss Mint Julep Contest!
Of course, being totally in the moment left Miss G completely scatterbrained, so she doesn't have photos of the winners to show you. But she still wants to give a big shout out to Mona Lott, Miss Mint Julep 2009, as well as her consorts, Susan Hayes, Ms. Mint Julep 2009 and Tami Schafer, Mr. Mint Julep 2009. Congrats to the winners, and also a big thanks to all the contestants who worked their little butts off to raise money for Legacy!
Miss G does, however, have a few pics of the glitterati that she managed to snap, plus a couple she stole from the handsome Mr. Hlavinka's facebook post!

As has become the tradition for the Mint Julep franchise, we once again brought a new entertainer out of the wings and into the fold. Houston's own Kitty Cash wowed the audience with superwoman style and super human class! She looked like she was having a lot of fun, so I suspect we'll be seeing more of Miss Kitty sometime soon!

This year also marked the reunion tour of one of Houston's most popular gurl groups, the Cu'tless Supremes! I'll let your imagine decide what the " ' " replaces, but don't forget, they ARE drag queens! As always, they brought down the house with their precision choreography!
If you've ever driven by Chez Ginger and wondered "how does that gurl keep her lawn so immaculate" the simple answer is: she doesn't! Miss G was thrilled that the OCD groundskeeper herself, Ms. MB (right) and her lovely partner Ms. Liz (center) offered to share their reserved table with Miss G! And Miss G was more than happy to accept, since, about halfway through day two of this drag-a-thon, those 4 inch spikes were killing her!
We ended the day with a special photo op featuring Miss G, Kitty Cash, and The Empress of the Royal Sovereign Single Star, Marcia Mink Gill.
What a great day we had and what a lot of money we raised! Miss G will get a total for you once we're through counting! That was a lot of crumpled singles!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The FABULOUS Life of Miss Ginger Grant...

... according to Linda Eder.

Here's a fun little meme I've been seeing for a while, but haven't done it because I either a:) didn't have time or b:) couldn't think of an artist someone hadn't already done.

Then I had an epiphany: DUH! Linda Eder! She's my fave, and pretty much the voice of Miss Ginger Grant!

So, check it out and play along if you want! Just pick an artist and answer the questions based on the titles from their work! Post it on your blog or facebook! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

My Life according to Linda Eder
Male or Female?
Someone Like You
Describe yourself:
I Am What I Am
How do you feel?
It's No Secret Anymore
Describe where you currently live:
They Are The Roses
If you could go anywhere, where would you go?
Your favorite form of transportation is:
The Most Unusual Way
Your best friend is:
Over the Rainbow
You and your best friend are:
The Impossible Dream
What's the weather like:
Waiting For the Fall
If your life were a TV show, what would it be called?
We're All Alone
What is life to you?
Your last relationship:
Almost Like Being in Love
Your fear:
If I Should Lose My Way
What is the best advice you have to give:
Never Dance
Thought for the day:
Love Has Come of Age
How I Would Like to Die:
All the Way
My soul's present condition:
A New Life
My motto:
Love is Forever

Friday, July 17, 2009


What a week! Boy G hasn't worked this hard at work since he was a rookie! Since the last restructure, though, everyone's pretty much a rookie, so it can make for some, long, hard days as everyone's ineptitude comes to the surface! Just glad it's over! Boy G let Miss Ginger get the best of him and actually popped open a bottle of pinto grigio tonight! Some weeks are just to rugged to deal with alone!

And now, we're heading into a busy weekend for Miss Ginger!
Saturday night, Miss Ginger is guest emcee for "The Sounds and Styles of a Texas Summer", presented by James Martinez, Mr. Tony's Corner Pocket 2009, as a direct benefit for the MCC Food Pantry! Tony is alway's such a love to help out the rest of the community, so when his posse reaches out to help the town, you can bet Miss G is gonna be there!
Then Sunday, the best drag contest of the year moves to the BRB as we present Miss, Ms. and Mr. Mint Julep 2009. Miss G is honored to be listed among the headliners on this year's show poster, and this show is always a fun-filled drunk fest, but it also raises LOTS of money for Legacy Community Health Services! Miss Ginger is inviting everyone to come out to see the 2 great shows, so come out and see her! And don't forget: Saturday night, the bitch will have a microphone, and she will TALK ABOUT YOU if you're not there to defend yourself!!!

So this weekend, Miss Ginger will be one Busy Drag Queen!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


My dear friend Alicia Allure posted a link to this on facebook and I loved it so much I had to lift it to share with you! Lush!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Here She Goes Again!

I swear, Sheila Jackson Lee will do ANYTHING for publicity! Sometimes, she just makes an ass of herself!

Jackson Lee wants deeper look into sailor death
Family says he was harassed because he was gay
By JENNIFER LATSONCopyright 2009 Houston Chonicle
July 12, 2009, 4:50PM

U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee called Sunday for an investigation into the death of a Houston sailor who was shot to death while on duty in California last month.
Navy Seaman August Provost III, 29, was killed June 30 at Marine Corps Camp Pendleton base in Southern California, where he was standing watch at a base compound. Navy officials said Provost, who grew up in Houston's Acres Homes neighborhood, was shot to death and his body burned.
Provost's family has speculated that the shooting might have been a hate crime, since the sailor was gay.
“I am requesting a full investigation into the murder,” Jackson Lee said Sunday. “This death appears bizarre, and more facts need to be uncovered.”
Navy officials said earlier this month that they had linked another sailor to the crime through physical evidence and his own statement. The sailor was taken into custody and was cooperating with the investigation, said Capt. Matt Brown, a spokesperson for Navy Region Southwest in San Diego, Calif.

So, here's the deal, Sheila. While Miss Ginger appreciates your apparent support of the gay community, we really don't need your help here. We've got this one. Really. Ya see, any time some one is killed in the Navy or the Marines, they investigate the case. It's pretty much standard practice. So, really, you don't have to go on the news and "demand" an investigation. There will be one!
Oh, and PS. We already know who did it. And he's cooperating with the investigation. He even admitted to it. Case solved!
Now, get off my fuckin' TV so I can watch "Next Food Network Star!"

What Constitutes a "Raid?"

Miss Ginger's not sure what to think about this one:

Another Dallas-area gay bar raid prompts questions
Associated Press
July 12, 2009, 7:54AM

DALLAS — Activists are crying foul over the raid of a Dallas-area gay bar less than a month after the raid of another club ended with one man in the hospital.
Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission officials entered the Dallas Eagle club around midnight Friday. The raid came a few weeks after the raid of a Fort Worth club where witnesses claimed authorities were overly aggressive.
A guard at the Eagle says TABC officials were questioning whether the address on the liquor license was changed after the club reopened just yards from its previous location.
Gay activist Rick Vanderslice says he is "outraged" and wants to know what is prompting the raids.
TABC officials didn't return phone calls seeking comment.

First of all, it's a pretty "sensational" headline for a rather uninformative article. The TABC stopped by the bar during it's most important operating hours- that happens all the time, and Miss Ginger doesn't really consider that a "raid". TABC routinely enters establishments they have licensed to ensure they are operating within the terms of the license. Typically, they are, and the officers continue their rounds. I've been in many bars during TABC visists. The officers enter, identify themselves, inspect the license, and leave.
That appears to be exactly what happened in this case. Apparently, the license was in order. No arrests, no drama, no harrasment. Just bar owners, bartenders, doormen, and TABC officers all doing their job.
Gay bars are subject to the same laws as others. Nothing more, nothing less. I didn't see any photos of men in assless chaps climbing into the paddy wagon. Damn!
Check out the article. The comments from the readers at the bottom are priceless!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Only in Texas® 2.0

Miss Ginger is a bit embarassed to say that Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee represents her district in Washington. In fact, Ms. Jackson Lee's Houston office is right around the corner from Chez Ginger. I don't particularly care for her, not so much in a political way as in a "celebrity" way. Some of her political views align with mine, and some don't. But she seems to take the "politician as celebrity" role, and Miss Ginger doesn't care for that at all.

Miss G didn't watch any of the 3 ring circus in LA that "celebrated MJ's life", because, as I've said before, I really didn't give a shit. He was a freak, and while I will recognize his celebrity and popularity, he was never one of Miss Ginger's favorite performers.

But as soon as he's dead, the entourage to LA begins: Jackson, Sharpton, Jackson Lee.... what ever, people! I never saw you hanging with MJ at Neverland. And, Jackson and Sharpton: if you're such teachers of God's word, why the hell didn't you teach your boy that it's NOT okay to sleep with children?!

Now Sheila Jackson Lee is going to waste the rest of the year trying to push through a resolution recognizing MJ as a "great humanitarian". I gotta tell you, as a resident of the 18th Congressional District in the great state of Texas, in my mind you got some more important shit to be working on, honey! We got roads that need building, a train that goes nowhere, and homeless people all over the streets. We've got people who STILL aren't able to rebuild from Ike, Rita, and Katrina! We've got IMPORTANT STUFF that matters to the people in your district! If you waste one more moment of my hard earned tax dollars pursuing this "resolution" I swear, I will go all political on your ass and campaign like no drag queen has campaigned before to make sure you don't get reelected! And I don't even know who's running against you!

Oh, and I will say I like your updo. It flatters you. And everyone knows, Miss Ginger LOVES her an updo!

It's That Time of Year Again!!

Once again, it's time for Legacy Community Health Services biggest community event of the year! It's where Miss Ginger got her start, and it's a great deal of fun for a really great cause! Everyone whose anyone is gonna be there! Aren't you someone? Good, then Miss Ginger will see you there!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Only in Texas®

Here's another one of Miss Ginger's FABULOUS finds from the Houston Chronicle~

Prosecutors: Woman shot man during foreplay
By PEGGY O’HARECopyright 2009 Houston Chronicle
July 10, 2009, 3:18PM

A woman accused in the shooting death of her common-law husband told police her gun accidentally fired while they were playing a game of “dirty cowboy” during sexual foreplay, a Harris County prosecutor said.
Deborah Yvette Parker, 38, is charged with manslaughter and being a felon in possession of a firearm, court records show. She remains in the Harris County Jail on bail totaling $60,000.
Parker is accused of recklessly causing the death of her longtime companion, Broderick Craig Crachian, 58, at the couple’s apartment in the 2700 block of Lorraine on June 30.
Crachian was shot in the chest, the Harris County Medical Examiner’s Office said. His death was ruled a homicide.
Parker is “extremely distraught” by Crachian’s death and has fully cooperated with Houston homicide investigators, her attorney said.
“She loves him, and this is just a terrible accident,” said Parker’s court-appointed attorney, Murray Newman. “My understanding is she was 100 percent cooperative with the police and very forthcoming in everything that she told them.”
Parker called 911 after the shooting occurred, Newman said.
Parker made a statement that she accidentally shot Crachian during sexual foreplay, said prosecutor Marcy McCorvey.
“She describes it as playing ‘dirty cowboy,’ ” McCorvey said. “She did admit to being in possession of the handgun and using it as a toy during foreplay with the victim’s acquiescence and request for it to be used in that manner.”
Both McCorvey and Newman declined to elaborate on the type of foreplay the couple was engaged in or what “dirty cowboy” meant. Newman declined to say if the couple had played the game before.
A heated argument
Houston Police Department homicide investigators who worked the case were not available for comment Thursday but previously said in a news release that other residents at the couple’s apartment complex saw Parker and Crachian having a heated argument in the street several hours before the shooting.
After the argument was subdued, the couple returned to their apartment. Several hours later, Parker went to another apartment, frantically yelling that Crachian had been shot, police said.
Parker also is accused of illegally possessing the gun after being convicted of the felony offense of prostitution in 2007 because she was caught with the weapon before the fifth anniversary of her release from prison for that conviction, court papers show.
Parker also has convictions for promoting prostitution, drug offenses and misdemeanor assault, Harris County court records show.

Where does Miss Ginger even begin? How's does one play "Dirty Cowboy"? What are the rules? Rule number one should be "don't load the gun!" Clearly, these pillars of society missed that rule!

Just so you know, Deborah Yvette Parker, HERE'S how you play "Dirty Cowboy!" No guns needed!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Miss Ginger's Five Simple Pleasures

Jennie at Preeteens, Toddlers, and Newborns, Oh My! posted a simple little meme on her blog she called "Five Simple Pleasures" and challenged others to do the same. Admitedly, one seems to be stolen from Edder's last post, but it truly is a simple pleasure I learned from my mother! So here goes:

1. Clean sheets and the scent of pine-sol left behind by the housekeeper that I never saw!
2. Kitties purring on both sides of me in said clean sheets!
3. Popcorn from a pot on the stove, not a bag in the microwave.
4. Shrimp!
5. Seeing an older person who looks like my late mother or father!

What are your simple pleasures?

Monday, July 6, 2009

2 Big Chances to see Miss Ginger!

There are 2 big chances to see Miss Ginger coming up in July that you won't want to miss! On Saturday, July 18th, James Martinez hosts "The Sounds and Style of a Texas Summer" benefitting the Ressurection Metropolitan Community Church's Food Pantry. Many folks don't realize that the summer months really wreak havoc on a food pantry, because with kids out of school, demand is high, and with so many people on vacation, donations are low! So come on out and help us feed the hungry!

The next day, July 19th, Miss Ginger joins the rest of the Juleps as we crown a new Mr./Ms. and Miss Mint Julep! It's Legacy's biggest community fund raiser of the year, and it's always lots and lots of fun! Come on out and see where Miss Ginger got her humble beginning!

Mark in DE left a comment asking "Miss Ginger, do you always wear your hair up?" and the answer is "yes, pretty much always, except for character parts". Yasee, Mark, in the summer in Houston, it's 104 degrees in the shade, and those wigs we wear on stage are 1000% polyester from China. They are hot as hell on the coolest of days, and in the summer heat, just about the last thing you want dripping down your neck is a mop of sweaty polyester! You'll notice in the pics I post that most of us girls wear updo's or short hair. Plus, I think updo's are more befitting Miss Ginger's elegant wardrobe, doncha think?!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Miss Ginger needs to take a "photodump", because it's been so long since she emptied the camera! So, here's a photo essay of the last month or so of Miss G's life. (She needs her own personal In'ja to deal with this stuff for her!)

Remember the hanging tomato gardens Miss G planted late spring? Here are a couple of the tomatoes that grew there! They were so good! Unfortunately the heat has just about done them in at this point, but Miss G just read in the Chronicle today that now is a good time to set out a second crop for late summer, as long as they are protected somewhat from the heat. I think if I start them in the shade and move them into the sun as the days shorten I can get a second crop in!

A few weeks back, Mona Lott had a candidate show for Miss Mint Julep, and here are a few pics from that.

And last night, Marcia Mink Ann Gill, in the green, had a 4th of July show at Tony's Corner Pocket. Miss G's eye makeup was supposed to look "patriotic" but it really just looked "crazy".

And finally, just so Boy G won't feel left out, here are some pics of his romp with the work group for gay pride. The folks in Cause Marketing (yes, we have a department for that) had selected the theme and color scheme, which was great, but it didn't work so well for our night parade. We kinda disappeared! And, how the hell were we supposed to carry 5,000 bandanas to throw. Oh, and PS, how do you throw a bandana, anyway? They were cute, though, and we made clever little "skirts" to carry them until we gave them all away!

Sorry, I just had to!

Miss Ginger has been remarkably quiet on the whole Michael Jackson thing because, honestly, she just doesn't give a shit. It was inevitable. And it's not like she knew him personally.

But, she read a story on AOL today upon which she feels compelled to chime in.

Remember Bubbles, the chimp that Jackson "adopted" back in the 80's and hauled everywhere with him? This article asks, "where is Bubbles now?" and plays it off simply that he is "retired" in a "sanctuary"

Michael Jackson's death last week has left fans with questions regarding all aspects of the singer's life. Pet lovers in particular may wonder about the fate of Jackson's menagerie of exotic animals, especially the most famous of them all: Bubbles the chimp.Bubbles, of all of Jackson's pets, was probably the closest to Jackson. His 1985 adoption of the chimp from a Texas research facility, and the subsequent bond between man and ape became a key part of the singer's eccentric persona. Bubbles often was seen at Jackson's side as a member of Jackson's entourage during the peak of the entertainer's fame in the 1980s. He attended concerts, album recording sessions, and tea parties at Elizabeth Taylor's house. That is, when he wasn't kicking it in high style at Jackson's Neverland ranch, practicing his moonwalk.Now in his mid-twenties, Bubbles still lives a stylish life, although much less in the blinding spotlight of his glitzy early years. As he matured, Bubbles became too aggressive for domestic life with the Jackson family and was given to a California-based animal trainer who later entrusted the chimp's care to the Center for Great Apes, a sanctuary for "retired" apes in Wauchula, Florida, where he resides today.

Sort of an "old folks home" for retired chimps, right? Like they are sitting around playing canasta and bocci ball!
Not so much. Ya see, a few years back Miss Ginger had the bright idea that, with no family and no children, a monkey would be a great pet. She did a bit of a research and determined that, no, they do no make good pets at all. She learned that, while extremely intelligent, these animals are also extremely emotional, and are very easily stressed by unnatural situations. Caring for a primate is a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week job that requires a staff of zooligists, biologists, and veterenarians to be done safely and humanely. Without access to such resources, Miss Ginger made the responsible decision to stick with housecats. (The cats do not seemed to be stressed by this decision!)

She also learned that there are literally thousands of primates in this country, brought here(sometimes illegally) by irresponsible, selfish humans like Michael Jackson. Once Bubbles no longer had a place in Jackson's selfish, ridiculous lifestyle, Jacko was sent away to a "rescue sanctuary" created by caring professionals who have made it their life's mission to try to provide these animals with a life that is as normal and stress free as possible. These monkeys would never survive being returned to the wild, and zoos typically can't use them due to their condition and a lack of information about their breeding and background. Bubbles now lives with other "orphaned" primates who were abandoned or became too much to manage for the selfish individuals who imported them. Many are sick or injured, and some have literally gone "insane" from stressfull situations they have endured.

Oh, and guess who pays for the care of these animals? Care that wouldn't be required if they had been left in the wild where they belong? That's right, folks, you and me! These noble sanctuaries are all private charities, and most of their funding comes from private donations. There may be some federal and state grants, but most of the funding comes from animal loving, compassionate citizens like you and I! Google "primate sanctuary". There are tons of them. You may be surprised to learn there is one near you. (Texas has one near San Antonio.) Most are in need of donations, and most are set up where you can "adopt a chimp", Sally Struthers style, and help pay for it's care.

I wonder if Jacko will remember Bubbles in his will? Something tell me "no." What a shame!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Miss Ginger is feeling rather independant!

And that's independant, not patriotic! I'm not feeling totally aligned to a country where a black man can be elected President, but 2 gay men cannot marry each other. I'm not feeling totally aligned to a state where a straight couple can do whatever they want in their bedroom, but if a gay couple performs their most intimate act, they are breaking the law. I'm concerned for my friends in Fort Worth, whose freedoms have been radically challenged by an overzealous police force who created a dangerous environment where none previously existed.

Our economy is in the toilet. We are stuggling to control our borders. We're fighting a war in which we have no vested interest. And a crazy Korean has a nuclear weapon aimed right at us!

Our "friends" in Europe mock us. The middle east hates us. And the far east takes advantage of our greed. We are fucking up the planet, fucking up the oceans, and fucking up outer space.

SO, tonight I'm going to paint my face, put on sunglasses and a hat, and drive to Tony's Corner Pocket to finish getting dressed, because there will be cops and bad traffic all over the place, and I could get hauled in for driving in drag. We'll do a show that will hopefully raise a few fists full of dollars to support a community health service that is badly in need of funding, and then we will go outside and watch a multi-million dollar fireworks spectacular paid for by Shell Oil. (Think about that the next time you pay for a tank of gas!)

America's priorities are fucked up, people! So much for our government "of the people, for the people...!"

Happy Independance Day, GingerSnaps! How independant do you get to be today?

Friday, July 3, 2009

This just in:

The headline is not a surprise:

Sarah Palin to resign as Alaska governor
Associated Press
July 3, 2009, 3:23PM

But the tagline is just plain scary!!

WASILLA, Alaska — Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said Friday she is resigning from office at the end of the month, raising speculation that she would focus on a run for the White House in the 2012 race.

Read the rest of the story here.

If anyone is looking for me, I will be busy researching the ins and outs of Canadian citizenship. Just in case!

Friday Updates-

Fort Worth police suspend operations with TABC

FORT WORTH — Police Chief Jeff Halstead has suspended joint operations between Fort Worth police and the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission until internal-affairs investigators file their report about what happened early Sunday at a gay bar near downtown, where one customer was injured and six others were arrested.

Read the rest of the story here.

In other news, Mollie Sugden brought the Celebrity Death March count to 8. That still means if the "trouble in three's" theory holds true, we still have one more shoe to drop. Many have speculated about Patrick Swayze, but his rep vehemently denies that he is in danger, and claims he is still working on his latest project. In was in People Online, so it must be true.

Liz Taylor is inching out Dick Clark on Miss Ginger's Celebrity Death Poll, and you've got 2 more days to vote if you've yet to opine! It looks like the next to go will be Walter Cronkite, the talking head from childhood. He apparently is gravely ill and Miss Ginger wishes him comfort in his final days, as his family reportedly has acknowledged that he is not expected to recover. Hopefully, that will be the end of the Celebrity Death March for awhile!


FINALLY! Miss G has gotten her weight below 200 pounds!!! It took 2 months, but 36 pounds later she can officially say she is below 200! Damn, it feels good! Maybe Miss G will be the first Drag Queen on a NutriSystem commercial! Can you just picture it?

I think this might be Miss G's 4th of July anthem:

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dragging out the Fourth!

Miss Ginger is looking forward to some R&R this 3-day holiday weekend! She's really bummed that she wasn't invited to see Tugboat and Bill's Fabulous Contraband Pyrotechnical Extravaganza, but apparently it is SO exclusive a crowd even Miss G can't get in. Maybe if she starts grovelling now she can get an invite for next year!

But that's okay, since she has been asked to do a command performance, by Royal Invite of Her Most Imperial Sovereign of the Single Star, Empress Marcia Mink Ann Gill. Apparently Marcia's having a little "do" at Tony's Corner Pocket Saturday night, starting on stage around 6-ish and finishing up on Tony's FABULOUS outdoor patio with an equally FABULOUS view of the downtown fireworks. Miss Ginger will come up with something show-stopping, I have no doubt! So, if you need a great place to watch the fireworks (with plenty of free parking!) come on down to T'sCP Saturday night!

Another Leg of the Celebrity Death March...

Okay, this is getting ridiculous! I just read on Eric Arvin's blog that Mollie Sugden, the matriach of Grace Brothers Department Store, has passed away after a long illness! Always the queen of the double entendre, her cracks about pussies, nickers, brassieres and mannequins always kept me in stitches. Check out the vid clip on Eric's blog. Carry on, Mrs. Sclocombe!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

If Wishes Were Horses, Then Beggars Would Ride!

So here's a lot of follow-up on the shit Miss Ginger has been stirring lately.....
The Houston Police Department says it has no plans to further investigate the injury of the stupid bead whore who ran out in front of a horse to claim a 10 cent trinket. They stand behind the training of their officers and their animals, and to that Miss G says: "you go, gurls!"

Up in Foat Wuth, the injured pary in the "Rainbow Lounge Incident" has had his condition upgraded from "serious" to "fair". That's a step in the right direction!

The "Celebrity Death March" continues with Karl Malden kicking the bucket at age 97. Although most remember him from "the Streets of San Francisco", Miss Ginger remembers him best as the would-be suitor of Blanche DuBois in "A Streetcar Named Desire". RIP, Karl.

This brings the "trouble in three's" count from an even 6 to a volatile 7...... who will be 8 and 9???

Finally, in restaurant reviews: Ralph's on the Park in Mid City, New Orleans, left Team Ginger sadly dissapointed. It came highly recommended, but Team G found the portions to be skimpy, the drinks to be weak, and the items to be highly overpriced for the value they provided. The standing joke was that we needed to drive thru McDonalds on the way back to the hotel! Sorry, Brennan's Resto Empire: no 'snaps for you on this one!

Only in Texas....

Is everyone up to date on the bullshit going on in Tarrant County? If you missed this tidbit, Fort Worth police and 2 narcs from the TABC (Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission) arrived at the Rainbow Lounge (clever, huh?) at 1am on Sunday morning for a "routine compliance inspection". Supposedly, some patrons in the bar made "obscene gestures" and things got ugly. 7 people were arrested, 20 were "questioned", and one guy was slammed to the ground and is now listed in "serious" condition in a Fort Worth hospital.

So now, the the Police Chief in Fort Worth is saying, and I paraphrase: "It wasn't my peeps who arrested the hurt guy... it was the TABC guys that hurt him and arrested him."

So again, Miss Ginger says W........T........F.........?!

Your peeps participated in the raid. Your peeps particpated in the arrests for "public intoxication". And your peeps failed to protect the safety of one of your citizens!!!

I, for one, could care less what "brand" of handcuffs went on the guy!!

And 'snaps to te gay villages of Fort Worth for refusing to stand for this facist type of behavior from their public officials!

So, anyway, shcek out the 2nd link for the story about the Chief of Police trying to make all nicey nice with the gay community. He has even invited himself over for barbeque! What unmitigated gall! Miss Ginger says "c'mon over, baby. Miss Ginger's got a surprise for you!" "Secret's in the sauce!" ('snaps to the reader who can identify the source for the 2nd part of that quote!)

Miss Ginger will, of course, keep you all posted!

More on the Celebrity Death March...

Sorry this post is kinda late but Boy G is on the road again!
'snaps to all the GingerSnaps who commented and facebooked on the latest celebrity death, Gale Storm. I know, right? I had to google, too!
I was reminded of the one thing I ever saw her in, a 50's era TV sitcom called "My Little Margie". It ran for about 3 years as a summer replacement for "I Love Lucy", and it starred Storm as a young Manahattanite living the life in the big city- sort of a 50's forerunner of Mary Tyler Moore, perhaps.
She also made a bunch of B movies. And she recorded a lot of songs but never had a number 1 hit. And she battled alcoholism in the 70's. That's all I've got: can anyone fill in more blanks?


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