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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Here She Goes Again!

I swear, Sheila Jackson Lee will do ANYTHING for publicity! Sometimes, she just makes an ass of herself!

Jackson Lee wants deeper look into sailor death
Family says he was harassed because he was gay
By JENNIFER LATSONCopyright 2009 Houston Chonicle
July 12, 2009, 4:50PM

U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee called Sunday for an investigation into the death of a Houston sailor who was shot to death while on duty in California last month.
Navy Seaman August Provost III, 29, was killed June 30 at Marine Corps Camp Pendleton base in Southern California, where he was standing watch at a base compound. Navy officials said Provost, who grew up in Houston's Acres Homes neighborhood, was shot to death and his body burned.
Provost's family has speculated that the shooting might have been a hate crime, since the sailor was gay.
“I am requesting a full investigation into the murder,” Jackson Lee said Sunday. “This death appears bizarre, and more facts need to be uncovered.”
Navy officials said earlier this month that they had linked another sailor to the crime through physical evidence and his own statement. The sailor was taken into custody and was cooperating with the investigation, said Capt. Matt Brown, a spokesperson for Navy Region Southwest in San Diego, Calif.

So, here's the deal, Sheila. While Miss Ginger appreciates your apparent support of the gay community, we really don't need your help here. We've got this one. Really. Ya see, any time some one is killed in the Navy or the Marines, they investigate the case. It's pretty much standard practice. So, really, you don't have to go on the news and "demand" an investigation. There will be one!
Oh, and PS. We already know who did it. And he's cooperating with the investigation. He even admitted to it. Case solved!
Now, get off my fuckin' TV so I can watch "Next Food Network Star!"


Howard said...

Sorry to disagree Miss G, but didn't the Navy investigators say his death, being shot, tied and then burnt, was a random act, and not a hate crime?

Hey, they caught someone, and he confessed, and I would hope that alone keeps him from society forever. But, to depend on an organization that routinely discharges gays to come up with the goods here leaves me a bit cold.

Bob said...

I'm agreeing with Howard. I don't trust the military to investigate fully when they are so homophobic.
That said: Miz Jackson needs to shut up and quit trying to get her face in the public eye.
Stop talking.

PS LoveLoveLove Food Network Star!

Beth said...

ya, I don't like her either. She reminds me of some ho desperate for the attention....and I don't think I'd ever trust the Navy to tell me the truth!!!


Beth said...

I don't know enough about the case to comment on it, but it does seem that Ms. Jackson is quite the media ho lately.

Mark said...

I got no problem with Sheila making some noise over this. The Navy needs its homosexuals and they won't advertise that their's a chance you could die if you join up.

Jeve (aka John and Steve) said...

Very interesting indeed! Regardless I hope justice will be served.

Lisa said...

A day late and a dollar short but Mz. Jackson seems to have been sporting the same old tired hair for far too long now. Perhaps that is why she seems to be fond of putting herself in the media too often? With a father, brother, and sister-in-law all retired from the Navy I would hope that they will carry out due dillegence....but reality is such that we all need to make certain that this does not get swept under the run, so to speak....


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