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Friday, July 10, 2009

Only in Texas®

Here's another one of Miss Ginger's FABULOUS finds from the Houston Chronicle~

Prosecutors: Woman shot man during foreplay
By PEGGY O’HARECopyright 2009 Houston Chronicle
July 10, 2009, 3:18PM

A woman accused in the shooting death of her common-law husband told police her gun accidentally fired while they were playing a game of “dirty cowboy” during sexual foreplay, a Harris County prosecutor said.
Deborah Yvette Parker, 38, is charged with manslaughter and being a felon in possession of a firearm, court records show. She remains in the Harris County Jail on bail totaling $60,000.
Parker is accused of recklessly causing the death of her longtime companion, Broderick Craig Crachian, 58, at the couple’s apartment in the 2700 block of Lorraine on June 30.
Crachian was shot in the chest, the Harris County Medical Examiner’s Office said. His death was ruled a homicide.
Parker is “extremely distraught” by Crachian’s death and has fully cooperated with Houston homicide investigators, her attorney said.
“She loves him, and this is just a terrible accident,” said Parker’s court-appointed attorney, Murray Newman. “My understanding is she was 100 percent cooperative with the police and very forthcoming in everything that she told them.”
Parker called 911 after the shooting occurred, Newman said.
Parker made a statement that she accidentally shot Crachian during sexual foreplay, said prosecutor Marcy McCorvey.
“She describes it as playing ‘dirty cowboy,’ ” McCorvey said. “She did admit to being in possession of the handgun and using it as a toy during foreplay with the victim’s acquiescence and request for it to be used in that manner.”
Both McCorvey and Newman declined to elaborate on the type of foreplay the couple was engaged in or what “dirty cowboy” meant. Newman declined to say if the couple had played the game before.
A heated argument
Houston Police Department homicide investigators who worked the case were not available for comment Thursday but previously said in a news release that other residents at the couple’s apartment complex saw Parker and Crachian having a heated argument in the street several hours before the shooting.
After the argument was subdued, the couple returned to their apartment. Several hours later, Parker went to another apartment, frantically yelling that Crachian had been shot, police said.
Parker also is accused of illegally possessing the gun after being convicted of the felony offense of prostitution in 2007 because she was caught with the weapon before the fifth anniversary of her release from prison for that conviction, court papers show.
Parker also has convictions for promoting prostitution, drug offenses and misdemeanor assault, Harris County court records show.

Where does Miss Ginger even begin? How's does one play "Dirty Cowboy"? What are the rules? Rule number one should be "don't load the gun!" Clearly, these pillars of society missed that rule!

Just so you know, Deborah Yvette Parker, HERE'S how you play "Dirty Cowboy!" No guns needed!


Michael Rivers said...

I would like to play Dirty Cowboy!

Howard said...

I knew Dirty Cowboy. Dirty Cowboy was a friend of mine. Sorry Ma'am, that is no Dirty Cowboy.

edder said...

Um, the whole point of foreplay is to ensure that, uh, "both guns are loaded"....and that, uh, what happens when they go off is, um, nevermind....

Hey, who wants cake?!

Zombie Mom said...

Hey girl - love this post- and ummm... love the dirty cowboy pic!!! but then I do love a man in chaps.... which is good given my proximity to SF's Dore Alley

Joy said...

According to the Urban Dictionary, dirty cowboy doesn't involve a gun.

Miss Ginger Grant said...

Edder: I'd LOVE some cake!
Zombie: Glad you like! Tried to select a pic that would get the point across without making anyone blush!
Joy: Since you did the research, how about a post on the "ins and outs" of Dirty Cowboy!?

Coelha :B said...

Loaded guns should never be part of "foreplay"... I'm sooo sure!! I really don't believe people can be so stupid...but, there are stupid people out there.

Sam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sam said...

never played dirty cowboy, but did play "interracial jailhouse rape"

Joy said...

I don't think you'd want the lurid details on such a genteel blog! Check it out on Urban Dictionary! They've added the gun to it now after that shooting.

Wonder Man said...

only in Texas

Mark in DE said...

I smell something fishy here.

Beth said...



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