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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Only in Texas® 2.0

Miss Ginger is a bit embarassed to say that Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee represents her district in Washington. In fact, Ms. Jackson Lee's Houston office is right around the corner from Chez Ginger. I don't particularly care for her, not so much in a political way as in a "celebrity" way. Some of her political views align with mine, and some don't. But she seems to take the "politician as celebrity" role, and Miss Ginger doesn't care for that at all.

Miss G didn't watch any of the 3 ring circus in LA that "celebrated MJ's life", because, as I've said before, I really didn't give a shit. He was a freak, and while I will recognize his celebrity and popularity, he was never one of Miss Ginger's favorite performers.

But as soon as he's dead, the entourage to LA begins: Jackson, Sharpton, Jackson Lee.... what ever, people! I never saw you hanging with MJ at Neverland. And, Jackson and Sharpton: if you're such teachers of God's word, why the hell didn't you teach your boy that it's NOT okay to sleep with children?!

Now Sheila Jackson Lee is going to waste the rest of the year trying to push through a resolution recognizing MJ as a "great humanitarian". I gotta tell you, as a resident of the 18th Congressional District in the great state of Texas, in my mind you got some more important shit to be working on, honey! We got roads that need building, a train that goes nowhere, and homeless people all over the streets. We've got people who STILL aren't able to rebuild from Ike, Rita, and Katrina! We've got IMPORTANT STUFF that matters to the people in your district! If you waste one more moment of my hard earned tax dollars pursuing this "resolution" I swear, I will go all political on your ass and campaign like no drag queen has campaigned before to make sure you don't get reelected! And I don't even know who's running against you!

Oh, and I will say I like your updo. It flatters you. And everyone knows, Miss Ginger LOVES her an updo!


Design Junkie said...

Living in New Orleans, I can completely sympathize with your disdain of politicians who think they are celebrities/entertainers. But I really just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading this blog and your nutrisytem blog as well. You have given me the inspiration to finally tackle my Katrina 20 (we'll round down-way down- and pertend it's only 20 lbs I've gained). Thanks so much, and keep up the good work.

frogponder said...

It is embarrassing to have an elected official who gets off the rails. We have no end of fun with our Idaho relatives and Larry Craig...

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

If we could stop covering our politicians so they could do some real work, that would be "priceless" :o)

Howard said...

If we were to stop covering our politicians, Gawd only knows what they would do to get attention, like maybe flee the country to have sex... While I understand your being disgruntled, it could be worse. When I lived in Rhodes Island, I was constantly amazed at the politicians, from the wacked out mayors to the immoral and dishonest senators.

Joy said...

They've been like this since forever! I've been watching the History Channel again!

Miss Ginger, "they" say that when we lose weight, our personalities emerge from the buffer zone we've had. I've noticed that you're speaking out more about issues since you've lost about 40 pounds, which is a good sign! Have you noticed any changes in how you act, feel, or speak?

I love your blog and am enjoying your rants. Way to go!

Dan said...

i would agree, i dont think you elected her to push a MJ resolution through. Take her out!

Dannelle said...

Yes, wasn't that just touching? I think it is sad she thinks that would raise her popularity-

I am touching base with you (ha ha)to let you know you are the first to be (if you wish to care) know I had to change
New blog

Coelha :B said...

I agree; although I am a fan of MJ, I think this woman has better things to do as an elected This is just plain silly!!

Beth said...

Yes, it would seem that there are more pressing issues than a resolution to honor Michael Jackson! Talk about being out of touch....


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