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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Another Successful Mint Julep Shindig!

The Houston community came out in droves to support Legacy Community Health Services today at the 7th Annual Miss Mint Julep Contest!
Of course, being totally in the moment left Miss G completely scatterbrained, so she doesn't have photos of the winners to show you. But she still wants to give a big shout out to Mona Lott, Miss Mint Julep 2009, as well as her consorts, Susan Hayes, Ms. Mint Julep 2009 and Tami Schafer, Mr. Mint Julep 2009. Congrats to the winners, and also a big thanks to all the contestants who worked their little butts off to raise money for Legacy!
Miss G does, however, have a few pics of the glitterati that she managed to snap, plus a couple she stole from the handsome Mr. Hlavinka's facebook post!

As has become the tradition for the Mint Julep franchise, we once again brought a new entertainer out of the wings and into the fold. Houston's own Kitty Cash wowed the audience with superwoman style and super human class! She looked like she was having a lot of fun, so I suspect we'll be seeing more of Miss Kitty sometime soon!

This year also marked the reunion tour of one of Houston's most popular gurl groups, the Cu'tless Supremes! I'll let your imagine decide what the " ' " replaces, but don't forget, they ARE drag queens! As always, they brought down the house with their precision choreography!
If you've ever driven by Chez Ginger and wondered "how does that gurl keep her lawn so immaculate" the simple answer is: she doesn't! Miss G was thrilled that the OCD groundskeeper herself, Ms. MB (right) and her lovely partner Ms. Liz (center) offered to share their reserved table with Miss G! And Miss G was more than happy to accept, since, about halfway through day two of this drag-a-thon, those 4 inch spikes were killing her!
We ended the day with a special photo op featuring Miss G, Kitty Cash, and The Empress of the Royal Sovereign Single Star, Marcia Mink Gill.
What a great day we had and what a lot of money we raised! Miss G will get a total for you once we're through counting! That was a lot of crumpled singles!


Howard said...

Congratulations for not only pulling off a successful event, but for looking so damn beautiful while doing it!

David Dust said...

Bitch - you are getting so skinny!!! I am so jealous of you.

Congrats on a successful event.


Zombie Mom said...

You look totally amazing and what a great cause.. you are my hero and heroine!!!

miss alaineus said...

hot, hot HOTTT!!!! and for such a good cause as well.

i invoked your spirit whilst paper mache'- ing over the weekend.


ovact- being able to predict to the hour when one's visit from aunt flo will start.....

mistress maddie said...

Girl it looks like it was a wonderful summer show! And aren't we looking quite swank as always!

Bob said...

Looking good, Miss G!

And a big Smallville "WAY TO GO" for the fundraising!

Good work.

Dannelle said...

Gosh, it seems like this year flew by- Great pictures and what a Smashing Event!

Michael Rivers said...

Looks like a great event! Maybe next year I can attend and take part in the fun!

Beth said...

You look fantastic, Miss G!! And I love the name of the girl group. Hahaha! XOXO

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Another year and another fantastically successful event, kudos to you Miss G :o)

Beth said...

4 inch spikes...REALLY??!! damn girl, you gotta teach me how to walk in those things. and TRanny's are getting skinny...TOO skinny!


Sam said...

You've turned into a skinny ho overnight!! I'm so proud of my "Pretty Woman" Looks like you had a great time. Maybe ol'Tug can make it next year

Timmy said...

Miss Ginger...thank you so MUCH for your help. Sorry that I didn't get to visit with you. I was running around most of the afternoon and was also keeping an eye on The Chimichangas. look fabulous. I honestly didn't recognize you when I first saw you.

Joy said...

You look wonderful! This looks like so much fun!

Wonder Man said...

It looks so fun. We don't have good drag in L.A.


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