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Friday, July 31, 2009

Back to the Real World!!!

Miss Ginger had a great time in Ireland, and although she may have previously described her hotel there as "rustic" or "cozy", since checking into the Amsterdam Sofitel she will honestly say that it was a dump! She is SO HAPPY to be back in the lap of luxury with a huge room, fabulous toiletries, a cozy bathroom, and a WORKING INTERNET CONNECTION!!!! Back to the real world!

The trip here was gruelling. Although the Aer Lingus Airbus was nice enough, and it was only a two hour flight, Miss G was unable to get the richly deserved sleep she desired on the plane for numerous reasons. The extremely handsome members of the EUFA football team (that's really soccer, but Miss G is feeling tres continental!) that occupied the five seats behind her chattered insessintly (and loudly) in their native slavish toungue, and they giggled and cut up like high school girls. Miss G couldn't understand a word they said, but she's pretty sure they weren't talking about her extreme beauty. In addition, a small child about 6 rows back squalled the entire flight! Loudly! I kept thinking surely the poor dear would exhaust himself, but apparently he had too much sugar a breakfast so he had lots of energy. Thankfull I was in 1C so I was the first one off!

The first day in Amsterdam has been lovely. We caught the Drag Queen Olympics (Miss G is pretty sure she will be back to compete next year) and then did a bit of bar hopping. Miss G got just got back to the room a few minutes ago (2:30am local time) and she's planning on sleeping in tomorrow! More later, but I leave you with the "uncut" version of the opening ceremony from the Drag Queen Olympics!


Dannelle said...

So happy for your vacation and JEALOUS too! Sorry about the airplane trip to Amsterdam least it was only two hours! Rustic is nice, Luxury is good, Being totally pampered is the way to go! And yes, you should compete!

MadeInScotland said...

the thing I notice about expensive hotels is that you have to pay for the internet. When I'm in less expensive ones, the wi-fi is free.

Glad to hear you're back safe and sound

Zombie Mom said...

I am soooo happy you are having a good trip. And, Shut Up! I know! - the Sofitel and its extortion for internet!

Beth said...

I can tell you're having fun, despite the crummy flight! Ahh, yes, Aer Lingus. I hear it's a cunning little airline. (Someone had to make the joke, it might as well be me!) XOXO

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad we have Miss G back on the internet. Enjoy Amsterdam :o)

Howard said...

Sounds like Miss G is having a fantabulous time, but I was hoping for pictures of the footballers - you know, cause I am shallow that wway.

Great video!

Michael Rivers said...

Welcome back! We missed you!


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