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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Miss Ginger Goes Fashion International!

Did you know last week was Fashion Week... in Bangalore, India?! Miss Ginger didn't even know they had a fashion week, but I guess it makes sense, since you're probably not going to be seeing anything like this in Paris or Milan. Or even in one of Fern Mallis's white tents!

They even have designer nehru jackets for the guys! Zoolander, eat your heart out!
And, it's nice to see that their models are a little bit better fed than Kate Moss!
So, who's ready for Project Runway, Bangladesh?


David Dust said...

I'm waiting for the all-male version of Project Runway - Puerto Rico...


behrmark said...

I think the second guy is quite handsome!

Howard said...

I just keep thinking to myself, 'You know, Miss Ginger could work that runway and blow those bitches away!."

Joy said...

You'd look great in a sari, Miss G!

Indigo said...

Exotic! (Hugs)Indigo

miss alaineus said...

love it!


Beth said...

me too Tranny!!!! me too!!!!

Coelha :B said...

The women's clothing is beautiful, but the men's clothes seem a little Miami Vice meets..Aladin?

Wonder Man said...

I love it, it's flashy and sexy

Mark in DE said...

You KNOW some Project Runway designtestant will try and swipe one of these designs since the US Fashion Week people probably pay no attention to Indian Fahsion Week.


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