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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Kinda Freaky!

Here's an article from the TV station website in my little home town of Lake Charles, La. The first article seems like a mundane enough crime article....

James Hill of Lake Charles is shot and killed in a stand off with Alabama police officers
By Adam Hooper - bio email
LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Almost two years ago we reported on the robbery of the Saint Landry Bank in Scott Louisiana. The man police were claiming was responsible was James Alan Hill of Lake Charles. In October of 2007, chief Don Dixon and the Lake Charles Police department arrested Hill, who was charged with a chain of bank robberies in the state.
"One of the things we did do on him as a result of a search warrant is take DNA evidence which we will try an link with some of the other robberies," said Chief Don Dixon in October of 2007.
But to no avail, the charges were dropped after Hill spent 18-months in jail. Hill said the DNA did not match.
"I told him my DNA shouldn't be on nothing because I didn't do it," said James Hill in May of 2009.
But, nearly two years later James Hill is back in the spot light. On Thursday afternoon Hill held up the RBC bank in Mobile Alabama. When police got involved an eight mile chase ensued, a chase that would end in gun fire, and as a result, Hill was shot to death. The gun in Hill's possession turned out to be nothing more than an air pistol. Officers on the scene said it appeared to be something far more dangerous.

But here's where is gets freaky to me:

Neighbors react to Hill's violent death

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - James Alan Hill lived on 22nd Street in Lake Charles for a number of years and still has family living there.
"This was a very bad case of mistaken identity." That's what James Alan Hill told a Lafayette TV station earlier this year when he was released from jail saying he had been cleared of all charges. "I told them my DNA shouldn't be on anything because I didn't do it."
Hill had been arrested by Lake Charles Police in October 2007 when he was believed to be a serial bank robber involved in as many as seven bank robberies and who had eluded authorities for months, until Lake Charles police served a warrant from Lafayette and took him into custody. Now, about three months since his release from jail, family members including his children still live at the house where he was arrested at 1617 22nd street. At this point, the family speaks through their attorney Satrica Williams: "After speaking with the family, the family has instructed me to let the news and the public know that they don't have any further comments to make to you all, that they are in grieving and they would ask you to respect that."
Word of Hill's violent death came as a huge shock to neighbor Norma McFatter who was of the impression Hill was serving time for bank robbery. "I'm shocked because I thought he was incarcerated and I felt safer. But now, knowing that he was out it's scary. Because you just never know who your neighbor is. She says they didn't know he had been released from jail."

1617 22nd Street is 2 houses down from my childhood home!!! We lived at 1701 22nd Street! This house belonged to a family name the Isles when we were kids! They were an older couple with no kids, but Mrs. Isles would always buy candy bars or light bulbs or whatever else the band or boy scouts were selling. They were very sweet, and I'm sure have long since passed, but how freaky that their house was sold to a bank robber! I also remember Mrs. McFatter, the lady quoted in the article! OMG! I wonder what kind of criminal is living in momma's house now!?


David Dust said...

That is so wild! We lived in 3 different houses when I was a kid - and when I go home I often wonder what kind of people live in those homes now.


Dannelle said...

Sometimes it is better NOT to know. Messes with the good memories-

Anonymous said...

If walls could talk!!!MBC

Mark in DE said...

Freaky indeed.


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