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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Puttin' it out there!

Miss G is puttin' it out there that the Olympus Ball XL (that's "40" to you non-Romans!) is February 6th, 2010 at the George R. Brown Convention Center here in Houston, Tx! January will be cold and nasty in most parts of the US, and it might be that way here, but more than likely it will be 70f and sunny! Miss G would LOVE to have a whole table of GingerSnaps and DustBunnies to represent GingerBunny nation, but she needs to know relatively soon! So here's the deets:
Miss G has a guest room, a convertible room,and a sofa. First dibs on each.
The Krewe usually negotiates a deal at the Best Western near Tony's Corner Pocket, the bar where we usually have our after party.
There is a GORGEOUS Hilton near the convention center for those who are more luxury inclined. Miss G has a remote connection... if you find the price astronomical, let her know and she'll see if she can negotiate!
She has a table of 10 seats... if she needs more, she can get them if she knows soon enough! So, if anyone is able to commit to a GingerSnap/Dust Bunny summit, let her know so she can get the social committee to work on it!

PS- Houston is the hometown hub for Continental Airlines, the Official Airline for GingerNation, so you may get the best deal through them!


Zombie Mom said...

I am going to email you - I may be in TX that week - and how wonderful to hang out with my sweet Ms. G....

David Dust said...

Oh God - I would LOVE to come. I'll have to see if I can swing it.

Also, if I show up in Texas and don't at least spend one day visiting my Grandparents, I will be IN DEEP TROUBLE.

Oh HELL, I just remembered - Mama Bunny usually visits Texas during that time of year!!!!!!!!

You've got me thinking...

Kailyn said...

Honey, I am so there. My daddy told me years ago that Houston is a wonderful place.

Kailyn said...

Oh. And while I appreciate Southern hospitality and all, if Zombie Mom is coming along, then we might have to do the Hilton. Hell. I might even do the Hilton without her because nowadays when I travel, I want to be pampered. Might be why my aunt in Savannah calls me a BAP.

Joy said...

I'm going to think about this. I'd love to go! What a treat to see you in all your magnificent glory! I, too, appreciate your generous offer and would love to be your guest, but the Best Western will be fine for me as long as I can have a tour of the closet, pantry, and gardens at Chez Ginger!

Michael Rivers said...

I'm not sure I'm a GingerSnap or Dust Bunny? I love your blogs . . . does that mean I'm in? I think that would be a great time!

David Dust said...

Michael - I'm sure you can be both!


mistress maddie said...

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Sounds intresting.


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