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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dragging out the Fourth!

Miss Ginger is looking forward to some R&R this 3-day holiday weekend! She's really bummed that she wasn't invited to see Tugboat and Bill's Fabulous Contraband Pyrotechnical Extravaganza, but apparently it is SO exclusive a crowd even Miss G can't get in. Maybe if she starts grovelling now she can get an invite for next year!

But that's okay, since she has been asked to do a command performance, by Royal Invite of Her Most Imperial Sovereign of the Single Star, Empress Marcia Mink Ann Gill. Apparently Marcia's having a little "do" at Tony's Corner Pocket Saturday night, starting on stage around 6-ish and finishing up on Tony's FABULOUS outdoor patio with an equally FABULOUS view of the downtown fireworks. Miss Ginger will come up with something show-stopping, I have no doubt! So, if you need a great place to watch the fireworks (with plenty of free parking!) come on down to T'sCP Saturday night!


Beth said...

Have a great weekend, Miss G! XOXO

Howard said...

Have a wonderful weekend, and I am sure whatever Miss G comes up with, it will be stellar!

Dannelle said...

Show off that weight loss and strut it up! Have fun- love, Dannelle

obeteri: A prequel to the pituitary - prehistoric gland which caused bodies to reject excess fat

Wonder Man said...

looks fun

Sam said...

Ms. Ginger you are always welcomed. I've even saved you a seat on the Paddy Wagon if it comes to that.
The more the merrier. Right? Hell you can even share a handcuff with Bill if need be.
The way I see it?
Here's where we are at so far...
My younger sis, and her hubby a longtime employee of the biggest presbyterian church locally. Her five kids, of which 4 are younger than 9. Bill, and I the gay interracial couple. Two dogs, a psychotic bichon frise, and a very energetic lab. Last but not least A fierce Red Headed Drag Queen from Texas, and a van full of illegal fireworks.
Did I forget anyone?

Joy said...

Sounds fun! Wish I could be several places at once!


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