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Friday, July 17, 2009


What a week! Boy G hasn't worked this hard at work since he was a rookie! Since the last restructure, though, everyone's pretty much a rookie, so it can make for some, long, hard days as everyone's ineptitude comes to the surface! Just glad it's over! Boy G let Miss Ginger get the best of him and actually popped open a bottle of pinto grigio tonight! Some weeks are just to rugged to deal with alone!

And now, we're heading into a busy weekend for Miss Ginger!
Saturday night, Miss Ginger is guest emcee for "The Sounds and Styles of a Texas Summer", presented by James Martinez, Mr. Tony's Corner Pocket 2009, as a direct benefit for the MCC Food Pantry! Tony is alway's such a love to help out the rest of the community, so when his posse reaches out to help the town, you can bet Miss G is gonna be there!
Then Sunday, the best drag contest of the year moves to the BRB as we present Miss, Ms. and Mr. Mint Julep 2009. Miss G is honored to be listed among the headliners on this year's show poster, and this show is always a fun-filled drunk fest, but it also raises LOTS of money for Legacy Community Health Services! Miss Ginger is inviting everyone to come out to see the 2 great shows, so come out and see her! And don't forget: Saturday night, the bitch will have a microphone, and she will TALK ABOUT YOU if you're not there to defend yourself!!!

So this weekend, Miss Ginger will be one Busy Drag Queen!


Joy said...

Those are funny! Good luck with your busy weekend!

Joy said...

Walter Cronkite died. I think I said he'd be next. I'm sorry I was right.

David Dust said...

Those videos are hysterical!!

Have fun this weekend - you BUSY DRAG QUEEN!!


btw - Word Verification is "URSAC". tee hee...

Wonder Man said...

love the videos, have fun

Char said...

Those are tooo funny! Sounds like
you are the busy one, Ms G.

AND JOY---don't say I am next!

Dannelle said...

You love to be busy, Miss Ginger Grant, and we all know it! The vids are superbusygood!


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