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Monday, July 6, 2009

2 Big Chances to see Miss Ginger!

There are 2 big chances to see Miss Ginger coming up in July that you won't want to miss! On Saturday, July 18th, James Martinez hosts "The Sounds and Style of a Texas Summer" benefitting the Ressurection Metropolitan Community Church's Food Pantry. Many folks don't realize that the summer months really wreak havoc on a food pantry, because with kids out of school, demand is high, and with so many people on vacation, donations are low! So come on out and help us feed the hungry!

The next day, July 19th, Miss Ginger joins the rest of the Juleps as we crown a new Mr./Ms. and Miss Mint Julep! It's Legacy's biggest community fund raiser of the year, and it's always lots and lots of fun! Come on out and see where Miss Ginger got her humble beginning!

Mark in DE left a comment asking "Miss Ginger, do you always wear your hair up?" and the answer is "yes, pretty much always, except for character parts". Yasee, Mark, in the summer in Houston, it's 104 degrees in the shade, and those wigs we wear on stage are 1000% polyester from China. They are hot as hell on the coolest of days, and in the summer heat, just about the last thing you want dripping down your neck is a mop of sweaty polyester! You'll notice in the pics I post that most of us girls wear updo's or short hair. Plus, I think updo's are more befitting Miss Ginger's elegant wardrobe, doncha think?!


Beth said...

I never thought about how hot those wigs would be. Whew! I know your upcoming appearances will be very successful! Hugs, Beth

Mark in DE said...

Thanks for answering my question. Now that you've explained why, it makes a lot of sense. Plus, updos truly are elegant.

Joy said...

Updos are elegant. Wigs are very hot! You suffer for beauty!


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