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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Only in Texas....

Is everyone up to date on the bullshit going on in Tarrant County? If you missed this tidbit, Fort Worth police and 2 narcs from the TABC (Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission) arrived at the Rainbow Lounge (clever, huh?) at 1am on Sunday morning for a "routine compliance inspection". Supposedly, some patrons in the bar made "obscene gestures" and things got ugly. 7 people were arrested, 20 were "questioned", and one guy was slammed to the ground and is now listed in "serious" condition in a Fort Worth hospital.

So now, the the Police Chief in Fort Worth is saying, and I paraphrase: "It wasn't my peeps who arrested the hurt guy... it was the TABC guys that hurt him and arrested him."

So again, Miss Ginger says W........T........F.........?!

Your peeps participated in the raid. Your peeps particpated in the arrests for "public intoxication". And your peeps failed to protect the safety of one of your citizens!!!

I, for one, could care less what "brand" of handcuffs went on the guy!!

And 'snaps to te gay villages of Fort Worth for refusing to stand for this facist type of behavior from their public officials!

So, anyway, shcek out the 2nd link for the story about the Chief of Police trying to make all nicey nice with the gay community. He has even invited himself over for barbeque! What unmitigated gall! Miss Ginger says "c'mon over, baby. Miss Ginger's got a surprise for you!" "Secret's in the sauce!" ('snaps to the reader who can identify the source for the 2nd part of that quote!)

Miss Ginger will, of course, keep you all posted!


Michael Rivers said...

The whole thing is very wrong and very sad!! Can I add an ingrediant to the sauce too?

Dan said...

I am still a little in shock that not only this happened, but that there hasnt been more of an uproar about it.

Take um down!

David Dust said...

Check out that pornstache!

This is such a messed up situation - I hope whoever is responsible has to answer for what they've done.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Hope some people come forward so they do not get away with this.

Beth said...

Yes, this was unacceptable. I hope there is some sort of investigation. This was harassment, pure and simple. XO Beth

MadeInScotland said...

Is that George Michael or Sean Penn?


Anonymous said...

This wouold make you think twice before going to this bar,especially druing Dallas Gay pride!!!! MBC

Sam said...

Make that ho some color purple lemonade. Biatches.
Been wonder where the prettiest DQ in all of the U.S. was. missed you.


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