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Sunday, July 5, 2009


Miss Ginger needs to take a "photodump", because it's been so long since she emptied the camera! So, here's a photo essay of the last month or so of Miss G's life. (She needs her own personal In'ja to deal with this stuff for her!)

Remember the hanging tomato gardens Miss G planted late spring? Here are a couple of the tomatoes that grew there! They were so good! Unfortunately the heat has just about done them in at this point, but Miss G just read in the Chronicle today that now is a good time to set out a second crop for late summer, as long as they are protected somewhat from the heat. I think if I start them in the shade and move them into the sun as the days shorten I can get a second crop in!

A few weeks back, Mona Lott had a candidate show for Miss Mint Julep, and here are a few pics from that.

And last night, Marcia Mink Ann Gill, in the green, had a 4th of July show at Tony's Corner Pocket. Miss G's eye makeup was supposed to look "patriotic" but it really just looked "crazy".

And finally, just so Boy G won't feel left out, here are some pics of his romp with the work group for gay pride. The folks in Cause Marketing (yes, we have a department for that) had selected the theme and color scheme, which was great, but it didn't work so well for our night parade. We kinda disappeared! And, how the hell were we supposed to carry 5,000 bandanas to throw. Oh, and PS, how do you throw a bandana, anyway? They were cute, though, and we made clever little "skirts" to carry them until we gave them all away!


Beth said...

I bet if you put a big rock in a bandana, you could throw it quite a ways. ;)

Fun pictures! I hope you get a second tomato crop. I just tied my tomato plants up today, because they were starting to vine DOWN instead of up. What terrible posture! XOXO Beth

miss alaineus said...

you look MARVAHLOUS!!!!!!


Joy said...

Your weight loss shows! You look gorgeous!

Indigo said...

I'm loving the bandana skirt. I agree with Joy, the weight loss is showing. (Hugs)Indigo

Mark in DE said...

Do you ever wear your hair down, Miss G? Just curious.

Yeah, I can imagine all that black would get lost in a night time parade. Looks like fun though!

Zombie Mom said...

Ms. G is looking fab in the fuscia.... You are looking awesome- keep up the great job with the weight loss!!

MadeInScotland said...

In the purple I'm reminded of Sarah Palin.



Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

I poured a cup of joe and got ready to settle in for a photodump, only lasted one sip :o( Glad your tommytoes were good, and I am sure you will get another crop in.


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