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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Miss Ginger's Five Simple Pleasures

Jennie at Preeteens, Toddlers, and Newborns, Oh My! posted a simple little meme on her blog she called "Five Simple Pleasures" and challenged others to do the same. Admitedly, one seems to be stolen from Edder's last post, but it truly is a simple pleasure I learned from my mother! So here goes:

1. Clean sheets and the scent of pine-sol left behind by the housekeeper that I never saw!
2. Kitties purring on both sides of me in said clean sheets!
3. Popcorn from a pot on the stove, not a bag in the microwave.
4. Shrimp!
5. Seeing an older person who looks like my late mother or father!

What are your simple pleasures?


DuPree said...

Oooh. Old fashioned popcorn!!! Nice memory - thanks!!!

Dannelle said...

yes, with butter

Beth said...

I love clean sheet smell, too, and I swear, I always sleep better that night! XO

Joy said...

Good list except for the Pine Sol. It bothers me to smell it to the point that I almost can't breathe. Just thinking about it is bad.

I love sheets that have dried out in the sun on a clothes line. I don't do that any more but remember it. That popcorn, too.


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