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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Guess who I'm having lunch with today?!

That's right, 'snaps! Me and Anthony Kennedy Shriver are having lunch at the Wortham Center, to talk about healthcare and the work the Legacy Community Health Services does to make sure everyone who needs it gets it! Of course, there will be about 1,000 other people there, but I actually may get to meet him since I'm sitting at the Legacy table! Watch for my update with more info later today!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Caption This!

Saturday, September 26, 2009


The Gingers are badly stuck in one! Boy Ginger goes to work every day, and comes home feeling tired and drained. He typically naps with the kitties, and eats his Nutrisystems, planning on being a good boy and going to bed early. But then Miss Ginger opens her bottle of pinot grigio, drinks the whole thing while playing "Bejeweled Blitz", and then they go to bed and wake up later than they should the next day. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Ad nauseum. To the point of exhaustion!

Today Boy G decided to be industrious and powerwash the crud off the back porch. Here in Texas, green slime grows on any exterior concrete surface where moisture collects, both in the early spring and the early fall. (I'm betting the power washer was invented in South Texas!) Anyho, when he goes out to get started, he discovered the back side of the house, and the patio, and the deck, are covered with millions of these little tiny caterpillars! Miss G insisted that they not be killed, because she was SURE they would metamorphasize into GLORIOUS butterflies, but Boy G wasn't convinced. Those little shits couldn't ever have amounted to much of a butterfly, they were only about a quarter of an inch long! An exhaustive internet search revealed nothing, but Boy G pretty much convinced our girl they were moth larvae, so she allowed him to spray them with insecticide. Once the pests were gone, the powerwashing began, but it stopped suddenly when the pump froze up. Oye, vey! Off to Lowes for a new machine, and then back home to finish the job.

And that, dear 'snaps, is pretty much Miss G's excitement for the weekend! She has GOT to get out of this rut, but she really can 't even be bothered to go out in Houston! Her friends are all either married, distant, or alcoholism and overeating enablers, so calling them never seems like a good idea! So, she stays home with the kitties, plays on facebook, waits for people to update their blogs, and plots her next escape to NOLA or NYC. Oye! Just oye!

At least the lesbians make sure Miss G gets out once in a while! Tomorrow they are taking her to see the Astros play at Minute Maid Park. It's supposed to be pretty, so hopefully they will have the roof open, and hopefully the Astros will have at least one home run so Miss G can watch the little train full of around go around the stadium. She loves that!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Miss Ginger *HEARTS* Christopher!!!

When Miss Ginger first saw Christopher Straub on Project Runway, her initial rection was "he's cute, but he channels Vanilla Ice too much!" Her next thought was "really, does a boy of unknown sexual orientation from Minnesota really think he can win a fashion competition?!" But Miss G has to admit that after 6 episodes, she is smitten! "Ate up in love" as we say in the South! I mean, the facial hair only at the bottom is a little wierd, but without the hat it doesn't look quite so "ghetto" and is actually quite cute!
Christopher's first "killer look" was this hot number in the "Surf Chic" challenge. Not a look Miss G would be caught dead in, but it is gorgeous on this model!Next was this little crumbcatcher number for the "Industry Party" challenge that Miss G could totally rock! This is when her heart started doing flip flops!
When the rest of the designdivas freaked out over the newspaper challenge, Christopher opened his mind and his eyes to the potential of paper, and created a soft, feathery look when others gave us stiff, ugly paper!
I'm not sure who this besuited Brendan Fraser wannabe is, but he better quit feeling up the future Mr. Ginger! Miss G may just have to CUT a BITCH!

Anyway, maybe in Miss Ginger's wildest dream Christopher will stumble upon MIss G's blog and leave a comment! A gurl can dream, can't she!?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Services!

Here in the South we love our gospel music- what a great excuse for brunch! Miss Ginger has always been inspired by Sister Vestal's hair, which is almost as high as her voice! Vestal herself once said she wears her hair so high 'cause it puts her that much closer to God! Interestingly enough, Brother Johnnie's voice is actually higher than Vestal's! Get out your white hanky and wave it! Or, as we have proven time and again in NOLA, a BevNap® works just fine!

For TrannyBeth:

I feel for you, sweetheart! This song makes sense to me... (get a box of tissues!) Love ya forever!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Miss Ginger's 2 favorite shows are nominated for the same Emmy! What a smackdown!! And frankly, neither show has had their best season this year!!

Project Runway made is long anticipated moved from Bravo to Lifetime, and also left the Garment District of NYC for the Fashion District of LA. Who knew LA had a Fashion District? Frankly, the moves have left Miss Ginger underwhelmed. Clearly, Lifetime's "television for women" mentality told them they mustn't allow Nina to come across as a bitch, so they have made her this unbelievably sweet-as-pie ghost of her former self. Such a ghost, in fact, that she is rarely on the show, and instead we have a parade of guest judges, comprised mostly of her underlings from Marie Claire magazine. The challenges are boring, the fashiontestants are boring, and frankly, LA is boring. Please, no more sunset/palm tree segways! I want my NY street scenes! And Lifetime, please: enough with the fuckin' tampon commercials!!! We want our Bravo ads for beer, wine, and travel!

Top Chef has always followed the formula of new season = new city, so the move to Las Vegas is a natural. Las Vegas is a fabulous food city, so the opportunities for the show are phenomenal. Unfortunately, the cheftestants are largely a group of dirty looking skanks, who appear to have spent more time designing their tattoos than working on their craft. Miss Ginger finds their lack of hygeine and grooming rather disgusting for a food show! As a matter of fact, she would probably only eat food produced by the cuter of the brothers, and would still feel compelled to make sure he washed his hands before he prepared it!
As for the rest of the show, the challenges seem pretty generic, and could have happened anywhere in the world. I want to see Las Vegas- poolside, casino buffets, showgirls, celebrity entertainers- there are way better sites in Vegas than a fuckin' Air Force base!
So, here's the wrap up:
Boring designers, missing judges, lousy location, crappy challenges. Tim and Heidi aren't enough to save it. Loser.
Gail's boobies, the potential for Tom Collichio to take his shirt off, one cute brother, food, and Padma. Winner.
What do you think? Vote on my sidebar!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Avast, ye maties!

Thanks to Nutwood Beth for reminding me that tomorrow is International Talk Like a Pirate Day! How gloriously obnoxious is that!?

Miss Ginger searched the interwebz for pictures of hot pirates, but this was about the best she could do!! Somebody, please help her out and post some pics of hot pirates!
And what special foods does one eat on "Talk Like a Pirate Day?"
Arrrrrrrrrrby's, of course!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Who knew???

that Burt Reynolds was still alive? I though he had taken the Celebrity Death March a long time ago!

Good to know he's alive and kickin'! And taking care of his "bidness". I loved him "Best Little Whorehouse!"

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We Have a Winner!

Becky Sue knew that fucking her brother could lead to birth defects, but she hoped this time it wouldn't have as many feathers.
Thank you, Boy Toy, for your hilarious take on this ridiculous photo! Email me your address and I get your prize in the mail!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Services!

Howard posted an inspirational clip on Sountrack to my Day that made me smile, and reminded me of one of my favorite inspirational music moments. It always make me smile!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Caption This!

Winner gets a $25 Macy's Gift Card! Miss Ginger is the sole judge and jury!


Miss Ginger loves herself a good cup of coffee! And lord knows she's a bit of a "foodie", and likes to try different cuisines and tastes from around the world... within reason! But she draws the line at a gourmet item that Bering's Hardware is sampling this weekend- civet coffee! Never heard of it? Neither had Miss G until she saw this article in the Houston Chronicle.

Civet coffee originated in Asia, in or around Vietnam. Now, Miss G has nothing against Asia... as a matter of fact, she loves the ornamentals, and some of her favorite dishes come from there:

And, as you all know, Miss G also loves herself a kitty cat, and has even tolerated a certain number of racoons in her back yard. But cross the 2 of them and drink coffee that comes from their ass, and the whole thing just gets a little too strange even for a drag queen with a flair for the exotic! Civet coffee is made by feeding whole coffee beans to a civet, which looks to Miss G like a cross between a cat, a racoon, and Amy Winehouse.

After the civet takes it's best shot at digesting the coffee beans, the undigested remains of the beans are picked out of the ensuing civet poop, roasted, and used to create this exotic brew.

I'm pretty sure this culinary concept was created by the same person who first ate mountain oysters- or milked a cow, for that matter! "Let's pull these dangly things and drink whatever comes out!" Good thing they got a cow and not a bull, or you'd be putting something very different on your ceral in the morning!

Friday, September 11, 2009


And it's my own damn fault- Miss Ginger has no one to be mad at but herself! Yasee, she was running late for work this morning.... and it was pouring rain. When she got to the garage, the sign said "Garage Full- Contract Parking Only". But it always says that after 8:30, when they open the second floor for paying customers- (and late arrivals!) But Miss G was SOOOO late that the 2nd floor was full. So, she went to the roof to park behind the elevator penthouse- her secret "make-a-space". DOH! Someone else has figured out her trick! (Damn copycat!) So, cruising down the back side of the garage, she passes all those reserved spaces that are always empty! Some say the names of individuals, some say the names of companies, and some just say "reserved". Well, it's pouring rain and the next garage is 2 blocks away (and $12 more expensive!) So she's like "Fuck it- they won't tow me. The guys that run the garage know me!"
Well, come to find out, they run the whole garage, but they only own part of it. The back side (connects on 2 and 4) belongs to someone else, and they just contract out guys to run it for them. So, apparently on Fridays, their brother Guido comes in with his tow truck and makes a few extra bucks by pulling out everyone on that side who parked illegally! And only on Fridays- go figure! Ya think it's not really Guido's truck, but that's his day off from his job with whomever does own the truck?!

Anyho- Miss G was pissed because she was on her way to happy hour! DAMN! Luckily, her coworker Christine was justs coming down the ramp, so she took Miss G to get the car.

OYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEE! What a waste of a Friday night! Now Miss G is home: pissed, pissed pissed! So, she fixed herself a big ole batch of martinis! If she gonna be "pissed", she might as well do it British style!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


OMG! It was hot daddy Tom's shining moment, and he blew it! For the "High Stakes Quickfire", the stakes were that the loser of the Quickfire would be sent home. And the nasty, fat, shrapnel-faced lezzie who can't boil water lost. TC fans everywhere cheered! And Tom tells her "Please pack you knives a LEAVE?!?!" Really?! Tom?! It's the classic catch phrase of the show, and you screwed it up?!
It's GO, you uber-hot, chrome-domed morsel! "Please pack your knives and GO!"

Never send a man to do a woman's job, Momma G always said!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Home Sweet Home!

Miss Ginger is glad to be home for a while! And Miss Shelby has declared that this suitcase is not leaving this house again any time soon... at least not without her!

We're all caught up on occupational reality TV, so Miss G can go back and read the "spoiler" posts she skipped on her blogroll!

We're catching up on the news.

Stocks gain on takeover news, rising commodities
Associated Press
Sept. 8, 2009, 3:24PM
NEW YORK—Rising commodity prices and stirrings of corporate takeovers are making investors more optimistic about the economy, sending stocks higher today for the third consecutive session.
A takeover bid from Kraft Foods Inc. for Cadbury is reviving hopes that the economy could be improving.
According to preliminary calculations, the Dow Jones industrial average rose 56 to 9,497; the Standard & Poor's 500 index rose 9 to 1,025; and the Nasdaq composite index rose 19 to 2,038.
The three indexes also rose Thursday and Friday. U.S. exchanges were closed Monday for Labor Day.
And although Miss G is admittedly not an expert on economics, she can't help but wonder how the news that one mega-conglomerate absorbing another one can be taken as a sign that the economy is improving. Take note, people: nothing has changed. And no changes are planned. We are stuck with this for a long, long, time!

And, we're all back on our diet. Life is good!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day!

Miss Ginger got so wrapped up in her Labor Day festivities that she plumb forgot to wish all the GingerSnaps out there a Happy Labor Day! She hopes everyone had a safe, happy, and relaxing celebration to mark then end of summer! Now get those white shoes and seersucker suits packed away: Miss G doesn't want to be seeing any of that until next May!!
After checking out of the hotel, Miss G stopped by the Casina before she left NOLA to head over to Baton Rouge, where she'll be working tomorrow. She's had a hankerin' for something special ever since her ill-fated trip to New Jersey, so she decided on a big pile of rich, delicious sliced beef for dinner!

Tomorrow, she's back in Houston and back on her diet!


.....Miss Ginger had a really good time yesterday!
Here's what she remembers/knows for sure:

We got together around 11am at Su Central to assemble the Su Sisters.
Miss Ginger was Su Zuki, and she had to get motorcycles and such glued into her wig! There were fish to inflate (Su Shi), pigs to inflate (Su Wee), and food to inflate (Su Flay)! and vodka. Lots of vodka!
And we had our "pit crew" to help us get ourselves together!

Once we got the girls together we hit the streets for the parade. Miss Ginger remembers that part, too. There was a little rainstorm, so we went inside for a while at the Golden Lantern, aka the Golden Latrine. It cleared quickly, and then the parade began.

It starts to get fuzzy around that part...

Miss G does remember lots of cute costumes, lots of cute boys, and lots of vodka. She kinda remembers running into Dan and Luis, and there's a Decadent Duck necklace on the desk in the hotel room as evidence.
The rest is a blur...but there are a few things she can deduce from context clues...

apparently she was "done" early... 'cause it's 1am now and she just awakend.... rested. Her back must have been hurting when she got home, because there's a ziploc bag of ice and the ensuing wet spot in the bed with her. She must have been hongry, because there are the styrofom remnants of a chili-cheese meltdown from Clover Grill. And she must have been thirsty, because there are about 4 Diet Pepsi bottles from the minibar scattered about the room. Other than that... kind of a blur...

She suspects the phone will begin to ring at some point tomorrow and she can fill you in with more embarassing deets!

Friday, September 4, 2009

It Certainly Is...

DECADENT! Miss G arrived yesterday and headed straight to the casina to get her game on! She played Wizard of Oz slots until she was blearly eyed, and then headed over to the Pub to start the cocktail hour... at around 3pm!

After several beers served every so graciously by cutie bartender Jon, she headed over to the 700 Club, where she met Northwest Dan for the first time! He's a sweetie and we had a fun time drinking and carousing with the boys and the bears until Miss G hit the wall and had to stop! Honestly, she has no idea what time that was, but she suspects it was embarassingly early!

She knows she wasn't up too late, because this morning she was up and about around 9-ish, for more casino, and the free food and drink provided therein. (Not the food and bev bargain it would seem like, when one considers the total cost!)

After that, a snappy nap, and then out on Bourbon to meet up with friends from the Krewe. We headed upstair to Good Friends, and discovered naked papis dancing on the bar. At 3pm in broad daylight. Completely naked. They had to wear an armband so you had a place to put the dollar! DD, you shoulda been there, that's all I'm sayin!

Oh, BTW... I have to thank (or blame) Dan for introducing me to my newest vice... Jeremiah Weed Sweet Tea. It's a vodka that tastes just like sweetened iced tea, and it is SO GOOD mixed with soda! Smooth and powerful!

So tonight there's a party over on Elysian Fields near the Phoenix. Guess Miss G will catch that and then see where the wind takes her!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Home, Sweet Home.... briefly!

This jet-set life is gonna be the death of the Gingers... both of them!!
Miss Ginger had to get her tired ass up at 5am this morning so she could get to Newark in time to catch a 9:15am flight back to Houston, because Boy G had a meeting (for which he was NOT prepared!) that he had to attend! After sitting on the tarmac for almost 2 hours the plane finally took off (%$#in Newark!) and Miss G slept most of the way home. Upon landing, it was straight into downtown to work, then home to unwind, relax with the kitties, and, oh yeah, work. I'll do that later.
Tomorrow is a big shin-dig with a 200+ slide powerpoint (blech!) and catered food (blech!) and awards (blech!) and so much koolaid Miss G will be vominicious by the end of it!

But then, she has one more snuggle with her kittehs, then it's off to NOLA for Decadence!! Where, certainly, there will be lots of this:


and this:

And. if we're lucky, we''l see some of this:


and this:

All made extra-special by copius amounts of this:

And, just to exercize my evil side a bit, Miss Ginger may even have to have a bite of this:

We promise lots of pics!

BTW- if you like the boys on here, check out Always lots of hotties!


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