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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Who knew???

that Burt Reynolds was still alive? I though he had taken the Celebrity Death March a long time ago!

Good to know he's alive and kickin'! And taking care of his "bidness". I loved him "Best Little Whorehouse!"


Bob said...

I think he should have gone to rehab a long time ago.
He's always been a little wacky.

PS I loved "Whorehouse" too.

Michael Rivers said...

Yes he is alive. LOL. And yes "Whorehouse" is great. I believe he suffered from pain killer addiction another time. He was injured badly on one of his movie sets (maybe Smokey and Bandit). He was smashed in the jaw with a chair that was supposed to be "fake." It wasn't . . .

Beth said...

He IS still alive??? cuz that dude looks DEAD to me!

Coelha :B said...

I always thought he and Dolly Parton made a cute couple.. He looks sickly. :(

Wonder Man said...

I heard about his addiction. I hope he gets through it

Dannelle said...

Of course he is still around, so is Elizabeth Taylor! I just checked and he did two movies last year (????) two this year and has two more in pre-production!

behrmark said...

My personal favorite was his nude layout in Cosmo!

Oh lordy I just gave my age away, didn't I?

Behr Hugs!

Beth said...

I remember that Cosmo, Behrmark! LOL

Burt is pretty cool. I'm going to send you a picture, Miss G.

Joy said...

I remember that Cosmo centerfold. He's had too much work done on his plastic face.


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