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Thursday, September 10, 2009


OMG! It was hot daddy Tom's shining moment, and he blew it! For the "High Stakes Quickfire", the stakes were that the loser of the Quickfire would be sent home. And the nasty, fat, shrapnel-faced lezzie who can't boil water lost. TC fans everywhere cheered! And Tom tells her "Please pack you knives a LEAVE?!?!" Really?! Tom?! It's the classic catch phrase of the show, and you screwed it up?!
It's GO, you uber-hot, chrome-domed morsel! "Please pack your knives and GO!"

Never send a man to do a woman's job, Momma G always said!


Bob said...

I didn't notice he said that!
Poor Tom. he really ought to go to rehearsals!

Michael Rivers said...

How could he?! Hopefully he gets it correct the rest of the season! Even though he is sexy, he still needs to get it right!

Dannelle said...

"Make like a fried Bay leaf and crumple"
Yotai: nephew of Yoda- alternate: a sauce served with fried bay leaves

mistress maddie said...

Now that was a teaser! When I read the post title on my blog, I came running! I thought you were doing something you weren't suppose to be doing girl!

Miss Ginger Grant said...

MADDIE! Who says I'm not sposta be doing that?! I'm a single gal, ya know!

Dan said...

Tom should just cook naked and keep his mouth shut!

Joy said...

Funny! Too too funny! You and Maddie crack me up!

Bob said...

Miss G, I just saw Chef Tom being interviewed by that dreadful Andy Cohen, and Tom says he didn't screw up the line. He says he said "Pack your knives and leave" because "Pack your knives and go" is Padma's line.

That's his story and he's stickin' to it!


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