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Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day!

Miss Ginger got so wrapped up in her Labor Day festivities that she plumb forgot to wish all the GingerSnaps out there a Happy Labor Day! She hopes everyone had a safe, happy, and relaxing celebration to mark then end of summer! Now get those white shoes and seersucker suits packed away: Miss G doesn't want to be seeing any of that until next May!!
After checking out of the hotel, Miss G stopped by the Casina before she left NOLA to head over to Baton Rouge, where she'll be working tomorrow. She's had a hankerin' for something special ever since her ill-fated trip to New Jersey, so she decided on a big pile of rich, delicious sliced beef for dinner!

Tomorrow, she's back in Houston and back on her diet!


Wonder Man said...

happy holiday

David Dust said...

Evil!!! Meanwhile, I STILL haven't had Arby's. :(


Beth said...

[blowing whistle] Penalty on Miss Ginger for taunting. Ten yard penalty, loss of down, ball on David's 30 yard line. [blowing whistle] Resume the game!

Lora said...

I hope you had a wonderful time in NOLA! I've seen pics from the weekend and I'm so sad I was stuck in crappy old Philadelphia all weekend.


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