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Saturday, September 12, 2009


Miss Ginger loves herself a good cup of coffee! And lord knows she's a bit of a "foodie", and likes to try different cuisines and tastes from around the world... within reason! But she draws the line at a gourmet item that Bering's Hardware is sampling this weekend- civet coffee! Never heard of it? Neither had Miss G until she saw this article in the Houston Chronicle.

Civet coffee originated in Asia, in or around Vietnam. Now, Miss G has nothing against Asia... as a matter of fact, she loves the ornamentals, and some of her favorite dishes come from there:

And, as you all know, Miss G also loves herself a kitty cat, and has even tolerated a certain number of racoons in her back yard. But cross the 2 of them and drink coffee that comes from their ass, and the whole thing just gets a little too strange even for a drag queen with a flair for the exotic! Civet coffee is made by feeding whole coffee beans to a civet, which looks to Miss G like a cross between a cat, a racoon, and Amy Winehouse.

After the civet takes it's best shot at digesting the coffee beans, the undigested remains of the beans are picked out of the ensuing civet poop, roasted, and used to create this exotic brew.

I'm pretty sure this culinary concept was created by the same person who first ate mountain oysters- or milked a cow, for that matter! "Let's pull these dangly things and drink whatever comes out!" Good thing they got a cow and not a bull, or you'd be putting something very different on your ceral in the morning!


alnhouston said...


Bob said...

I love coffee.
Every morning Carlos and I start off with a delicious Cafe Con Leche with a dark roast Cuban espresso.
But I draw the line at Civet Poop Coffee.
Well, I actually draw the line way BEFORE Civet Poop Coffee.

Kailyn said...

Haha. You forgot to mention that it's the most expensive coffee in the world. And I've always heard it called Kopi Luak. Now if they had called it that and had failed to tell you why it was so expensive, I bet you would have tried it.

Michael Rivers said...

Oh my. I've heard rumor of this but I nenver wanted to believe it was true?

What makes the digestive system and crapping of this Civet different from other animals?

Also, does it come in decaf?

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Not quite my cup of joe, but glad some of the proceeds are going to a good cause :o)

Dannelle said...

Had to come back to comment! there is something about poo and coffee. I drink coffee, I love coffee- I grind my own beans. Coffee in the morning seems to help people poo, but I don't like leftover somebody else's poo coffee. I sort of laugh/gag everytime I hear about this Coffee. Sorry, I tried many kinds but not going to try this one.
unlase: Ain't trying Civet Brand coffee unlase someone slips it to me as Blue Mountain-

Adirondackcountrygal said...

Amazing what some people will call gourmet. Next they will be digging the corn out of septic tanks and calling that gourmet!

mistress maddie said...

I think you sumed it up-Yuck!

Joy said...

What TV show did I see this on? Some rich dude drank that coffee and the main character on the show printed off where it came from. And now you mentioned it and made the Amy Winehouse comparisons and your witty explanations! Anybody see that show? It's going to drive me crazy trying to remember.

Miss Ginger Grant said...

Maddie: I put a picture of a BBQ pork bun for ya! And Joy: I have no clue!

Anonymous said...

Jackson looks pissed to be compared to this other animal. MBC

Beth said...

I recall hearing about this on NPR. Sometimes one's search for adventure is about finding the less-traveled path, and exploring the unknown. Other times, it's about being an idiotic asshat who thinks that anything exotic just has to be good.'s coffee beans that have passed through the digestive tract of a feral cat. Get a grip! XOXO Beth

edder said...

Wow. Just WOW.

Btw, I literally laughed out loud at your description of a civet, "which looks to Miss G like a cross between a cat, a racoon, and Amy Winehouse."


MadeInScotland said...

oh, Miss GG. One of my moggies is close to being put down. I have to bring myself to do it! We have been together since 1991.



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