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Saturday, September 26, 2009


The Gingers are badly stuck in one! Boy Ginger goes to work every day, and comes home feeling tired and drained. He typically naps with the kitties, and eats his Nutrisystems, planning on being a good boy and going to bed early. But then Miss Ginger opens her bottle of pinot grigio, drinks the whole thing while playing "Bejeweled Blitz", and then they go to bed and wake up later than they should the next day. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Ad nauseum. To the point of exhaustion!

Today Boy G decided to be industrious and powerwash the crud off the back porch. Here in Texas, green slime grows on any exterior concrete surface where moisture collects, both in the early spring and the early fall. (I'm betting the power washer was invented in South Texas!) Anyho, when he goes out to get started, he discovered the back side of the house, and the patio, and the deck, are covered with millions of these little tiny caterpillars! Miss G insisted that they not be killed, because she was SURE they would metamorphasize into GLORIOUS butterflies, but Boy G wasn't convinced. Those little shits couldn't ever have amounted to much of a butterfly, they were only about a quarter of an inch long! An exhaustive internet search revealed nothing, but Boy G pretty much convinced our girl they were moth larvae, so she allowed him to spray them with insecticide. Once the pests were gone, the powerwashing began, but it stopped suddenly when the pump froze up. Oye, vey! Off to Lowes for a new machine, and then back home to finish the job.

And that, dear 'snaps, is pretty much Miss G's excitement for the weekend! She has GOT to get out of this rut, but she really can 't even be bothered to go out in Houston! Her friends are all either married, distant, or alcoholism and overeating enablers, so calling them never seems like a good idea! So, she stays home with the kitties, plays on facebook, waits for people to update their blogs, and plots her next escape to NOLA or NYC. Oye! Just oye!

At least the lesbians make sure Miss G gets out once in a while! Tomorrow they are taking her to see the Astros play at Minute Maid Park. It's supposed to be pretty, so hopefully they will have the roof open, and hopefully the Astros will have at least one home run so Miss G can watch the little train full of around go around the stadium. She loves that!


Howard said...

I hear you, Miss G. My own rut is closer to the Grand Canyon than a rut.

David Dust said...

Girl, I wish we lived in the same city ... we could at least bitch about our ruts over a movie and some popcorn.


Char said...

It's that damn pinot, Miss G. It does it to me every time! LOL
Have a good weekend!

Joy said...

Sometimes it's good to have a period of calm in there. When there's drama, you'll wish for it.

However it can turn into a rut. You need to fall in love! That'll take care of it! Or falling in lust will, too.

Wonder Man said...

hopefully tings will change soon, girl

Wonder Man said...

things, i meant

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Hope you have fun at the game tomorrow and get out of your RUT :o)

mistress maddie said...

I agree with Joy. After this summer of ever going trips I'm enjoying this rut right now. Till it starts again in two weeks! And thank God you sprayed those darn moth larve! Yuck!

miss alaineus said...

dont think of it as a rut, think of it as 'nesting' for the next fabulous adventure you will be returning home from.

try facebook farkle if you want a dif diversion.


i've got to run down to 7-11 and buy a paper- the fripess has a good coupon section

Beth said...

I'm with others...just enjoy the downtime, because you know it won't stay that way forever. Before you know it, you'll be a busy little bee! XOXO

After sitting on a hard chair in the meeting all day, I had a pain in the tookaz.

Dannelle said...

At least it was a partial productive rut. If it were not for my computer I would consider mysef a prisoner in my own home.
Fenza: a fern fence which blocks out the neighbors, or an outdoor credenza?

Bob said...

I love getting ionto a rut because the fall is quite easy.
it's the climbing out that pisses me off!

Sam said...

Maybe the next physical I get you, David, and I can all go together and get a 3 for 1 feel up special. My treat. :)

Dan said...

come march in washington!

Jeve (aka John and Steve) said...

hey Miss G. I hope you get out of a rut soon!


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