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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Services!

Here in the South we love our gospel music- what a great excuse for brunch! Miss Ginger has always been inspired by Sister Vestal's hair, which is almost as high as her voice! Vestal herself once said she wears her hair so high 'cause it puts her that much closer to God! Interestingly enough, Brother Johnnie's voice is actually higher than Vestal's! Get out your white hanky and wave it! Or, as we have proven time and again in NOLA, a BevNap® works just fine!


Design Junkie said...

I think Brother Johnnie is indeed looking for something that starts with a "c," but I'm not sure it's a city......

Dan said...

Oh Miss G, thank you so much for that. My Grandma used to sing that song to me all the time. Luis heard it for the first time when we were in NOLA.


Sam said...

I always loved Vesta, she and My Mom share the same Birthdate!! Thank You Miss G. for taking me home.

Sam said...

damn I forgot the l on her name.


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