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Saturday, September 19, 2009


Miss Ginger's 2 favorite shows are nominated for the same Emmy! What a smackdown!! And frankly, neither show has had their best season this year!!

Project Runway made is long anticipated moved from Bravo to Lifetime, and also left the Garment District of NYC for the Fashion District of LA. Who knew LA had a Fashion District? Frankly, the moves have left Miss Ginger underwhelmed. Clearly, Lifetime's "television for women" mentality told them they mustn't allow Nina to come across as a bitch, so they have made her this unbelievably sweet-as-pie ghost of her former self. Such a ghost, in fact, that she is rarely on the show, and instead we have a parade of guest judges, comprised mostly of her underlings from Marie Claire magazine. The challenges are boring, the fashiontestants are boring, and frankly, LA is boring. Please, no more sunset/palm tree segways! I want my NY street scenes! And Lifetime, please: enough with the fuckin' tampon commercials!!! We want our Bravo ads for beer, wine, and travel!

Top Chef has always followed the formula of new season = new city, so the move to Las Vegas is a natural. Las Vegas is a fabulous food city, so the opportunities for the show are phenomenal. Unfortunately, the cheftestants are largely a group of dirty looking skanks, who appear to have spent more time designing their tattoos than working on their craft. Miss Ginger finds their lack of hygeine and grooming rather disgusting for a food show! As a matter of fact, she would probably only eat food produced by the cuter of the brothers, and would still feel compelled to make sure he washed his hands before he prepared it!
As for the rest of the show, the challenges seem pretty generic, and could have happened anywhere in the world. I want to see Las Vegas- poolside, casino buffets, showgirls, celebrity entertainers- there are way better sites in Vegas than a fuckin' Air Force base!
So, here's the wrap up:
Boring designers, missing judges, lousy location, crappy challenges. Tim and Heidi aren't enough to save it. Loser.
Gail's boobies, the potential for Tom Collichio to take his shirt off, one cute brother, food, and Padma. Winner.
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Michael Rivers said...

I LOVE Project Runway. Since season one. Michael and Nina are greatly missed in the episodes of their abscence. I did read that unfortunately this season was filmed during a lot of the Fashion Weeks in Paris, etc. So they had to be gone. Let's hope they are back soon.

I'm enjoying the season. It will be better when some of the designers are gone--we are getting there. Right now, there are far too many to get to know them, etc. Then I think it will get better.

Oh, and Nina and Michael MUST return soon!!!

Joy said...

Nina and Michael do have to get back soon and save the show! It takes all of them, and we never want to be without Tim and Heidi.

Doesn't that Amazing Race show keep winning? As long as one of our shows wins, I'm OK with it.

Zombie Mom said...

Tragically- I have not had time to watch any TV. And I am not saying that in a kill your television kind of way... OMG- I am so in need of a Tim Gunn fix- but given your post- I am starting with Gail, her boobies, Padma and Tom C.


Zombie Mom said...

PS. I love mean, mean MK

theminx said...

So you think Bryan is the cuter Voltaggio, eh? (me too) but I would let his brother, Kevin, and Jen cook for me as well.

Kailyn said...

While I love both shows, I love TAR more. But if it was only between PR and TC, I'd have to say Top Chef.


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