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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Miss Ginger *HEARTS* Christopher!!!

When Miss Ginger first saw Christopher Straub on Project Runway, her initial rection was "he's cute, but he channels Vanilla Ice too much!" Her next thought was "really, does a boy of unknown sexual orientation from Minnesota really think he can win a fashion competition?!" But Miss G has to admit that after 6 episodes, she is smitten! "Ate up in love" as we say in the South! I mean, the facial hair only at the bottom is a little wierd, but without the hat it doesn't look quite so "ghetto" and is actually quite cute!
Christopher's first "killer look" was this hot number in the "Surf Chic" challenge. Not a look Miss G would be caught dead in, but it is gorgeous on this model!Next was this little crumbcatcher number for the "Industry Party" challenge that Miss G could totally rock! This is when her heart started doing flip flops!
When the rest of the designdivas freaked out over the newspaper challenge, Christopher opened his mind and his eyes to the potential of paper, and created a soft, feathery look when others gave us stiff, ugly paper!
I'm not sure who this besuited Brendan Fraser wannabe is, but he better quit feeling up the future Mr. Ginger! Miss G may just have to CUT a BITCH!

Anyway, maybe in Miss Ginger's wildest dream Christopher will stumble upon MIss G's blog and leave a comment! A gurl can dream, can't she!?


Michael Rivers said...

He is a cutie, isn't he!! But, what can I say. He is from Minneapolis, like me!

Wonder Man said...

both of you are cuties

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Joy said...

I just know you can be a huge positive influence on him to improve his look.

That feathery paper dress was awesome!

miss alaineus said...

i like the green dress. it would go fab with your hair!

recondin* redecorating a 1970's theme condo in order to sell it at a loss in the crappy economy.

miss you, glad you had a break to be able to kick it and watch tv!


Bob said...

He has been "The One" who, almost every week, does really well. And thanks Miss G, for posting the pic of him sans the IceIceBaby hat; he looks much MUCH hotter!

Miss Ginger Grant said...

I think I may have to pay a visit to Minneapolis!!

Dannelle said...

Loved that feather paper dress! We thought he should have won that challenge! So you like them young! lo

Dan said...

I am loving him as well. Maybe I will run into him when I am in Minneapolis in a month!

David Dust said...

Oh honey - you would be such a cute couple!!! If you need any stalking tips, please let me know...


Joy said...

You should go to Minneapolis. That will get you out of your rut! I'll stop right here and say no more. ;-)

Joy said...

Why does Epperson's name keep getting drawn last?


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