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Friday, September 11, 2009


And it's my own damn fault- Miss Ginger has no one to be mad at but herself! Yasee, she was running late for work this morning.... and it was pouring rain. When she got to the garage, the sign said "Garage Full- Contract Parking Only". But it always says that after 8:30, when they open the second floor for paying customers- (and late arrivals!) But Miss G was SOOOO late that the 2nd floor was full. So, she went to the roof to park behind the elevator penthouse- her secret "make-a-space". DOH! Someone else has figured out her trick! (Damn copycat!) So, cruising down the back side of the garage, she passes all those reserved spaces that are always empty! Some say the names of individuals, some say the names of companies, and some just say "reserved". Well, it's pouring rain and the next garage is 2 blocks away (and $12 more expensive!) So she's like "Fuck it- they won't tow me. The guys that run the garage know me!"
Well, come to find out, they run the whole garage, but they only own part of it. The back side (connects on 2 and 4) belongs to someone else, and they just contract out guys to run it for them. So, apparently on Fridays, their brother Guido comes in with his tow truck and makes a few extra bucks by pulling out everyone on that side who parked illegally! And only on Fridays- go figure! Ya think it's not really Guido's truck, but that's his day off from his job with whomever does own the truck?!

Anyho- Miss G was pissed because she was on her way to happy hour! DAMN! Luckily, her coworker Christine was justs coming down the ramp, so she took Miss G to get the car.

OYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEE! What a waste of a Friday night! Now Miss G is home: pissed, pissed pissed! So, she fixed herself a big ole batch of martinis! If she gonna be "pissed", she might as well do it British style!


Jimbo said...

Well that sucks, my darling! Wish I was there, I'd join you for drinks and we'd badmouth the bastard tow truck driver who took your car to the bad place. Unless he's hot and naked under his coveralls and sporting a semi-woody, then I'm sure forgiveness would be in order.

Beth said...

Of all the rotten try to get away with something ONE TIME and you're busted! I hope it wasn't too expensive to get your car out of impound, but I know it's not cheap either. Enjoy those martoonis! Love the video..."I'm just gonna have a wee, then I'll get changed." Ewww! XOXO Beth

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Pisser that you missed happy hour, hope you are happier in an hour :o)

Joy said...

Poor thing! Don't they know who you are!!! Treating a lady like that!

mistress maddie said...

That does suck! One time me and my firend Vera were towed in Baltimore. Try getting towed, carrying huge wigs on head forms, walking 16 blocks in a bad section of town! Now that sucks. And like you, after getting the car, we drank heavy! Hope the rest of your weekend goes well! You need a Urges night :)

miss alaineus said...

i got towed once in ann arbor. that sucks, have one for me with double olives!


Michael Rivers said...

That sucks!!! Not a good way to start the weekend. I hope the rest is FAB!!


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