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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Guess who I'm having lunch with today?!

That's right, 'snaps! Me and Anthony Kennedy Shriver are having lunch at the Wortham Center, to talk about healthcare and the work the Legacy Community Health Services does to make sure everyone who needs it gets it! Of course, there will be about 1,000 other people there, but I actually may get to meet him since I'm sitting at the Legacy table! Watch for my update with more info later today!!!


Michael Rivers said...

How fun!! Lunch with a Kennedy. Will you remember me afterwards?

Char said...

Man...that Kennedy jaw line and those eyes! You lucky dude!

David Dust said...

He's so pretty!!! Have a great time.


Wonder Man said...


Zombie Mom said...

You are so cool!!! I love that you are into glitter, dress up and healthcare. I was just thinking I need to get Girl G's phone number- I wanted to call her to talk about which adhesive to use to make sure my false eyelashes make it through running a marathon so I look fierce in the race photos.

One of these days we must talk clinics... Is legacy an FQHC?

mistress maddie said...

Girl, you know how the Kennedy's can get. Make sure you don't get drunk and end up in a hotel room!!! You know what our mothers say,"Make sure to keep both feet on the ground"

Miss Ginger Grant said...

ZOMBIE: Legacy is WAY FQ!!! And Maddie... we didn't hook up, but I totally peed next to him!

Beth said...

Awesome. Not everyone can say they tapped a kidney next to a Kennedy. Those are some of the prettiest blue eyes I've ever seen--next to my hubby's. :)

alnhouston said...

he was dreamy. great to see you.

Beth said...

You go with your bad-ass self!!!!

Coelha :B said...

Cool.. He looks a lot like his sister, but with less Skelatora. :) Tell us how it went!

Joy said...

Details! C'mon! Dish!


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