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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Only in Texas!®

It's been a long time since Miss Ginger brought you news that's so ridiculous it could only happen in Texas, but it's been piling up, so here she goes!

From the town of Rockwall, up Dallas way, a teacher at Heritage "Christian" Academy was fired for conceiving a baby out of wedlock.  Really?  Of course, the teacher is lawyering up to sue the school, which claims it had a right to fire her because she violated a "code of ethics" clause in her contract.  Of course, no one actually saw her violate said clause, but the circumstantial evidence is pretty convincing.  Whaddya think, GingerSnaps? Who's going to win in the battle of the christians and "lyings on her back"?

Speaking of christians and lions, Dallas megachurch pastor Ed Young felt it necessary to use a live lion and a live lamb in his easter Sunday service, riling the Humane Society folks to no end.  Now, you all know how Miss Ginger feels about churches in general, and these non-denominational, egomaniacal ones really burn her biscuit!  Really, dude, if you have to hold wild animals captive to explain the story of your invisible friend and his return as a zombie, perhaps you're not a eloquent as you think!

And, while this one didn't actually happen in Texas, it features the state's most infamous camera hog, Sheila Jackson Lee!  Apparently Ms. Lee felt shorted by the lack of camera time she garnered during the recent conviction of Michael Jackson's doctor murderer, so she jetted herself to Florida to cop some shots with the parents of the late Trayvon Martin.  Don't get me wrong: Miss Ginger is as happy as the rest of the enlightened world that Trayvon's murderer is being brought to trial. She just kinda takes an issue with her Texas tax dollars being spent for a State Representative to involve herself with a case from another state.  Really, SJL: we've got plenty of discrimination and misjustice for you to address right here in Texas!! (DISCLAIMER: the photo was taken in Washington, where SJL would have had to fly anyway in the normal conduct of her represential business. Miss G is just being dramatic.)

And finally, Frothy Mix has pulled out of the race for the Republican nomination, rendering the Texas primary a complete and total waste of time... not that it wasn't already!   

So, sing-along, GingerSnaps!

"Stumpety stump stump, stumpety stump stump, look at Frothy go.....

Stumpety stump stump, stumpety stump stump,everyone told you NO!"


David Dust said...

I hope that "Christian" school loses big-time. But if she signed some kind of contract, she's ... um ... screwed.

mrs.missalaineus said...

teachers in michigan sign a morals clause to get their certificates- we can get fired for getting a dui or other felony regardless of where we teach here because of that clause on our certification.

now, i wonder if this same school would fire mary??? she was unwed too when the holy spirit knocked her ass up with the baby jeebus-

also, did you notice the lack of color in their student body- plus the tuition is like 9 g;s a year for high school.

not a place for me to teach, that's for sure


Bob said...

I'm with DD. If she signed, she screwed herself outta a job, literally.

And Frothy? God ain't gonna be happy with you; you said she wanted you to be president and you up and quit.
You goin' to h-e-double-hockey-sticks!

Bill said...

Yeah,if she indeed signed a contract you can say,"three tears in a bucket,fuck it".

Miss Ginger Grant said...

I'm thinking there's a precedent that if a clause in a contract violates one's civil rights, the contract is null and non-binding. Contracts are often overruled by courts!

mrs.missalaineus said...

we had teachers get fired here for flashing tit at a golf course on their summer vacation....there is a stupid notion that teachers should have better conduct then everyone else- we are held to a higher standard whether it is fair or not, yet we do not hold students/ parents accountable to the same high standards.

i hope she does sue and win. anyone wanna wager that the school principal is her baby daddy?


Sam said...

Damn when I first looked at the photo of the preacher man, I thought, good fucking lord Pat Summit went and had a face lift. Edwina looks dolled up there don't you think?
I can't talk about the Trayvon murder it gets my blood pressure up.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Sounds like she may have an uphill battle.


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