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Monday, April 19, 2010

The Short Bus!

Sunday was to be a lazy day for Miss G, but she got a facebook from her yoga teacher that changed it up a bit. "Come to 9:30 yoga. Small class, less heat. We'll work through issues".

She know my weaknesses: heat and feet! After grumblesomeodd years on my feet (sometimes in 4 inch heels) they haven't really had an arch since about 1972. During the day I can wear an orthotic to support them, but in yoga, "all soles are bared", and in the one-legged standing postures, it's hard for me to balance because my feet flatten, which causes one to fall. So, I struggle to hold and arch, which makes the foot burn with pain.

So, the Sunday class was with 2 other people who have similar issues, and I gott say, it was LOVELY! It was plenty hot, but not so hot you had to fight for your breath, so you could really focus on the postures. There were no sorority girls in the rooms sticking their legs in the air our their heads up their asses, so the class really was about our "special needs". So, of course, Miss Ginger dubbed it "Short Bus Yoga"! I hope we do it again soon!
It will be a short bus week at work, too! In the office Monday and Tuesday, then off to NOLA on Thursday to meet Bubba J for JazzFest! Looking forward to the fun!


Darla said...

i am so thrilled you liked the class!
"the short bus" you are sooo cute!

David Dust said...

How does one "get a facebook"? Did someone throw a book at your face?!?


Howard said...

Sounds like you had great fun!

Joy said...

I would definitely have to be in short bus yoga! Glad you didn't get too hot and thrilled you're going to NOLA! Have fun!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Have a great time in NOLA :o)


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