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Friday, July 22, 2011

Walk Score® Results Are Out...

and the Big Apple has ousted the Golden Gate as the "Most Walkable US City"  with a "walkability score" of 85.3%!  This should be great news for everyone's favorite walking bunny, who thought he was just walking because the traffic is too bad to drive a car!!  Truth is, his city offers more treasures within walking distance of more addresses than any other city in the country!  The #4 ranking goes to GingerSnap-rich Chicago, and Mistress Maddie enjoys the #5 ranking... at least whenever she drags her hung over ass into the city! 

Poor lazy Miss Ginger is stuck in Houston, which, surprisingly, ranked 23rd out of 50. Heat, distance, and humidity make Houston very unwalkable in Miss Ginger's book, but according to the survey, some places are worse (sucks being Oklahoma City!)

Interestingly enough, however, Miss Ginger's humble domicile enjoys a walkability rating of 85%!!  Her historic neighborhood was built as a "streetcar community", where everything was designed to be a short walk from the streetcar line.  The electric streetcars are long since gone, but the long, narrow layout remains, making distances pretty manageable.  Now, if only we could find a solution for the heat and humidity, Miss G might actually stretch her legs and get some exercise!

Check out the amenities within walking distance of Miss G, and then put in your own address to see your score!  Which GingerSnap has the highest walkability rating?


Kailyn said...

The walkability of my neighborhood is abysmal -- something like 28% -- even though I live in a city that made the top 10 in the US.

David Dust said...

I remember seeing this a couple years ago, and being so impressed that my (Manhattan) neighborhood was a perfect 100%.

Well, I'm happy to report that my new (Astoria) address is ALSO a perfect 100%!!


Miss Ginger Grant said...

DD: I hate to tell you, but it's only a 99 for me.... You can't walk to the Urges from there!

mistress maddie said...

Well I do have to say that while not as big as New York, Philly really is a beautiful city to see and soooooo much to walk to, in the city and all along Fairmount Park, which you would love Miss G. Beautiful park setting and not to mention the tons of gaylings running almost naked!!! But all the little hamlets around the city like Doylestown, New Hope, Washington's Crossing and Skipback all having tons of walking with their qaint setting and just about all offer some kind of walking trails or a walking tours. I really do love this area!

S'A said...

Well, my little town scored a 69%. No Entertainment within walking distance, but plenty of Bars!

Beth said...

I typed in Nutwood's address, and I think I win with the lowest score: 0! It said "Car dependent." Not a surprise, because we aren't really within walking distance of anything, but I didn't expect a big fat goose egg! haha We can actually walk quite a bit out here...we just don't get anywhere!

South Bend itself got a more respectable 66.

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