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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

NFL Hottie Supports Gay Marriage!

In a post about a year or so ago, Miss Ginger swooned over Houston Texan's player Connor Barwin, and brought you pics of his enormous arms!

Here's another pic of those lickable likable appendages, taken with Houston's Mayor Annise Parker.

Turns out, Connor has a gay brother, and recently tweeted his support of President Obama's stance on gay marriage!

Turns out he's not only a cutie, but a really great guy as well!

Will this make way for an out NFL player?  Time will tell, but Connor says he thinks that as long as the guy is a good player, the NFL is ready for it!  Sure would open up a whole new fan base for them, wouldn't it?!


mrs.missalaineus said...



David Dust said...

Those arms ... OMG ...

Bob said...

Hot, smart and LGBT-friendly.
What's not to lust, er, love?

Wonder Man said...

he is a hottie


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