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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Beach Glass Candleholder

Here's a quick and cheap way to make a beautiful candleholder to show off your beach glass collection! You could also use glass marbles or other translucent collectibles, as long at they are fireproof!

You'll need two clear glass bottles or jars, one about twice the diameter of the other, and both of similar height.  Miss Ginger used two wine bottles (of course!), a magnum and a standard 750 bottle.  She cut the tops off of both, making the smaller bottle just a tad shorter so they would be the same height with the smaller bottle inside the larger one.

Use a drop of epoxy to glue the bottom of the smaller bottle to the larger one, making sure to center it carefully, leaving about 1/2" gap between the bottles all around.

Once the epoxy sets, start dropping the beach glass in between the 2 bottles, alternating smaller and larger pieces. You can make it all multicolored, or a single color, or layer the colors- it's art! Let your imagination run wild!

Once complete, drop in a candle, and you'll have a beachside fire to enjoy, right in the comfort of your living room! 


mrs.missalaineus said...



jelly andrews said...

2This is so creative. I really love it. Maybe I should try making one too. But I hope it will end up as beautiful as this.

Sea Glass Jewelry said...

This is a great idea. Another one to add to my craft list. Many thanks for sharing.


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