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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Paula Deen and More....

So much in the news lately that Miss Ginger has to take a break from the craft room and the kitchen to catch up and opine! 

First- the Paula Deen drama.  Here are a few things Miss G has to put out there. First, she hates the "n" word. It makes her wince. When she was younger, Miss G heard Daddy G use it often... she'd like to think he didn't use it specifically to express hate... she'd like to think he didn't mean any hate at all.  She heard Momma say it occasionally, but not very often.  And if any of us said it, we were corrected to use the word "negro", just as if we had used the word "ain't" instead of "isn't". As Miss G  grew older, and learned what the word meant, how hateful it was, and how powerfully it expressed that hate, she realized it was a totally inappropriate word, and never used it again.  So, like Paula Deen, Miss Ginger would be lying if she said that word had never in her  life crossed her lips. But, as Paula said: "It's been a very long time."

Is Paula a racist?  Miss Ginger has no idea. She don't know Paula personally. She has watched and enjoyed her show on many occasions, and she's never seen her make a racist comment, or even any racist insinuations. Does that mean she's not a racist? I can't say that, either. Miss Ginger can only say that she has never witnessed Paula demonstrating racist behavior. 

Did Paula treat the employee who is suing her with disrespect and injustice? Again, I have no idea, and even if I did, it wouldn't matter. Miss Ginger is not a judge, and won't be asked to serve on a jury in Paula's jurisdiction, so the point it moot. Only the judge and jury can determine if she mistreated anybody, and then, it is only their opinion.  

So, Miss Ginger's opinion? Karma is a bitch and will take care of the rest.  How far Karma takes it is yet to be seen!

Next up: Senator Wendy Davis, D- Fort Worth.  If you've been anywhere near twitter in the last 24 hours you know who she is... but her story is worth retelling, in case you missed it! 

Texas Asshole Governor Prick Perry called a special legislative session to try to push through a bill that would severely limit the rights of women's clinics in the state to perform abortions.  It would outlaw abortions after 20 weeks completely, and prior to that, only ambulatory surgery centers within 30 miles of a hospital could perform the procedure. Effectively, this would reduce the number of family planning clinics in the state from 37 to 5, and since there would be 2 in Houston, only women in the 4 largest cities in Texas would have access to care.  

So, Senator Davis decided to filibuster, to keep the dialogue open until it was too late to vote.  She was required to talk non-stop for the entire time she held the floor, with no breaks for water, food, or the potty, and was not allowed to sit, lean, or stray from the topic. She started a little after 11am, and needed to keep it going until midnight. 

She talked all day and into the night on Tuesday, until the repugnants realize they'd better stop her PDQ if they wanted to vote on their little bill.  They called foul when another Senator approach her from behind to place a back brace around her waist, saying she was not allowed to have ANY assistance.  When they tried to call the bill to a vote, all hell broke loose!  The pro-choice crowd had filled the observation chamber, the rotunda of the capitol, the lawn, and just about every other square inch of Austin. And they went BERZERK when the Lt. Governor tried to bring the bill to a vote!  They screamed and hollered so loudly that he could not maintain order in the chambers. It was classic! Miss Ginger watched the live video feed in amazement as the various members of the legislature posed "parliamentary inquiries" for two hours, trying to sort out whether Davis had indeed, violated the rules. Bedlam ensued in the chamber, and as the clock ticked toward midnight, the Lt. Governor screams over the crowd trying to regain order and force a vote. He did manage to begin a roll call vote, but it was not completed prior to midnight. At first he claimed it didn't matter since it was begun during the session, but after allegations of document changes, sexism, and other unsavory issues in behind-close-doors meetings,  he emerged to announce that even though (according to him) the vote was completed and the bill had a majority "yes" vote, it was not done in adequate time for him to sign it into law, so it failed.  Victory bedlam from the pro-choice crowd.  First thing today, Governor Asshat called another special session to try to get it through again. Jeez... the man will just not give up: he want's into the vagina of every woman in Texas! 

And finally, the SCOTUS today rendered the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional, effectively saying that states cannot refuse to recognize same-sex marriages from other states where it is legal, and that same-sex couples are entitled to federal benefits.  Shortly after the ruling, Michelle Backwoman talked into her Dixie cup to tell the world that fire and brimstone were headed their way. Later, when asked what she thought of Backwoman's diatribe, Nancy Pelosi answered with 2 of the most quoted words of the day: "who cares?!"  

So, after all this excitement, Miss Ginger is ready to strap on her sling backs and pound the pavement to help get Wendy Davis elected to be Texas' next governor.  And as for Miss G's aspirations for the eloquent Pelosi?


Bob said...

I don't know about Deen, though i have seen video of her saying questionable things, but I wish she'd just STFU. This apology tour is not working.

I #StandWithWendy

Bravo to Nancy!

S'A said...

Well said!

Timmy said...

The jury is definitely out on Paula Deen but I feel like she is being punished for being honest. She answered the question.

And about Wendy Davis, well trust me on this one...those Ft. Worth women don't like to be messed with. Just sayin'

And how on earth did I mess the quote of the day, "Who cares?" LOL Yeah, Nancy!

Beth said...

It's been a pretty exciting past few weeks, hasn't it? I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoyed Ms. Pelosi's "Who cares?" comment! Not only was it dead solid perfect, it was said with the weary air that so many of us feel about these extreme right wingers and their bullshit. Perfection! XO


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