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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Craftroom QuickTip®!

Miss Ginger always keeps a big roll of butcher paper at the end of her craft table... you can buy one that's about a mile and a half long at the club store or restaurant supply, and it will last for years and years!  And it is SO handy! 

Hers is mounted on a little dispenser made from scrap lumber and piece of metal conduit, but you can also buy one at the restaurant supply.  It gives her an endless supply of clean paper to use for everything from sketching out patterns to scratching out shopping lists. 

And here's the best thing... whenever she's working with something messy like glue or paint, she just gives the roll a tug and pulls a sheet out to cover then entire table!  Then, no worries about spills and stains! Ones she's finished, she cuts it at the roll on throws her spatters and spill in the garbage! 


Bob Slatten said...

I'd have to start with having a craft table, and then move up to the roll of butcher paper.
I am envious of your talent and orderliness!

Mr.Mischief said...

Love the table and supplies, so neat and orderly!

Beth said...

We actually used that in the Microbiology lab, too! I always worked with a bare counter, but most of my coworkers laid down a strip of this paper on their benchtop. Very versatile! haha


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