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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Craftroom QuickTip®: Glitter and Be Gay!

Who doesn't love glitter?! It adds sparkle and shine to just about anything you can imagine, and come to think of it, a few things you can't imagine. Contained, as it is here in the glass shakers from the restaurant supply store, it's a sight to behold. When it runs amok, however, it can quickly tarnish our moods! 

Why can't someone invent a way to keep glitter in place, so it doesn't flake off of our projects and stick in every crack in our homes?  What if Miss Ginger told you there IS such a product, and you may even have some in your broom closet right now! 

Pledge Floor Care Multi-Surface Finish. Back in the 70's, this stuff was called "Future Acrylic Floor Finish" and came in a futuristic clear bottle. Since then, the folks at Johnson Wax have rolled it into the "Pledge" nameplate, and have changed the package since Miss G last bought it! It no longer says "Future" anywhere on the bottle, nor does it say "acrylic." But it does use the word "finish," which is what you want to look for. If it says "cleaner" it's not the right product! It will come in a clear bottle, and the liquid is crystal clear. Get the one for multi-surfaces, not the one for wood floors.

This stuff will seal glitter onto your project with a death grip, and unlike that hodgepodge stuff that the craft store sells, it won't dull the sparkle of your glitter- if anything, it enhances it. And once you seal it with this stuff, it's not going anywhere! 

After the glue under your glitter has dried completely, just brush it on and let it dry. It's that easy! It goes on so crystal clear that it's hard to tell where you've brushed it, so brush it on methodically so you cover every square inch. It's really runny, like water, so it goes a long way! Just flow it on generously with a brush, and when it dries, that glitter won't go anywhere! 

What about the glitter that got loose before you sealed it down? You've swept, you;ve vacuumed, you've mopped… and still, it has a death grip on your floor! How do you get it up?  This guy:

The same lint roller that you use to get cat hair off your suit will get those last stubborn flakes of glitter up from just about any surface!  

Try these tips next time you need to make something sparkle, and let us know how they work for you!!! 


mistress maddie said...

Good tips girl! I always use a lint roller when done decorating too from all the balls. Or when I break wind, cause glitter flies out!

Mind Of Mine said...

We had a party once and managed to get glitter everywhere. We tried for 3 months to get it out, it was everywhere, in every nook and cranny. Even when I moved out, I would find glitter in shoes, in the pockets of things. Those were good times.

S'A said...

I needed these hints when my kids were little!

Kyle Leach said...

Excellent tips. I'll use this one often Miss G.. Diamonds my be a girl's best friend, but glitter is gets this little fairy pretty excited! Happy holidays Miss G!


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