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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Checking in from Amsterdam!

Well, GingerSnaps, Miss G has made it to Amsterdam, and the city is a clean and beautiful as she remembers! It's such a great city for travel... no wonder is one of the primary gateways to Europe! From plane, to train, to hotel, all within 30 cabs, no long walks!

After checking Miss G into the hotel and
dropping off her bags, our travelling trio head over to canal #3 to find the boat where Captain Bill and Aunt Tonya will be staying. It's right up the street from Miss G's hotel, and it's so cute! It has a little "patio" on the back right at the water level, so we'll have a GREAT view of the boats when the parade starts! This is a picture of the view from the little patio.

Yesterday, we sat out there through the late afternoon, sipping vodka and watching the sun go down. We made ourselves a little snack tray of meats, Dutch cheeses, and other treats, and drank, and gossiped, and waved at the boats till bedtime. What a great evening!

Last night was a great night's sleep, so Miss G a up and attem, ready for the parade! She's had a nice "English Breakfast" at the hotel, and she's got all her party gear ready to head over to the canal and take her place on the "patio". Happy pride, everyone!


mrs. miss alaineus said...

i love the houseboat idea!!!!


tomalito - a little tomato

MadeInScotland said...

Go cycle!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Looks like an absolutely fabulous vantage point :o)

Anonymous said...

Looks great-youll take lots of pictures. MBC

mistress maddie said...

Love that you took us with you Miss G! Can you believe this whore has never been to the city os sex yet? Were heading to the beach tommorow. I wonder if I should visit rozz-dronk!!!

Love ya!

Zombie Mom said...

Wow, it looks so beautiful - Have fun my sweet friend.

Kyle said...

Glad you are having fun Miss G. Thanks for sending us the photos to keep up with your travels.

Beth said...

I'm enjoying your Facebook updates! XOXO


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