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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Here She Goes... Again!

Tonight is repack night for Miss G. She arrived home after 2 nights in NOLA on business, and she has tonight and tomorrow AM to wash and repack before heading off to Europe for her annual trip across the pond!

She had so much fun last year at Amsterdam Pride that she has decided to return, and make this year bigger and better than ever!

On last year's trip the trio decided the only way to do it was on a canal boat, and we vowed in our drunken stupor that next year, a boat on the canal was the only to go! Lucky for Miss G, she sobered up the next day! Even luckier for her, Aunt Tonya and Captain Bill didn't, so, while she sleeps in her first class room at the Sofitel, the boys will be "roughing it" on their rented canal houseboat! But, for the parade, Miss G can put on that fabulous dress she made from the Minnow's sails and have a day of fun right on the canal! And the best news yet... even if a terrible storm blows across the canal, Miss G can just scramble up to the street in safety and not risk being stuck on a desert island with that lecherous Skipper or the lesbious Mary Ann!!

After a long party weekend and a full Monday to recover, the worldly Miss G and her companions will board the Artisia overnight train and head down to Venice, Italy, for a couple of nights of sightseeing and pasta, but mostly wine. As you know, Miss G LOVES her some Pinot Grigio, and she intends to scour Italy trying to find the very best!! After Venice, we'll spend a couple of nights in Firenze, and then on to Rome for a quick overnight tour before winging back to Texas!

She knows from experience that she can post from Amsterdam, and she's pretty sure she can upload from Italia, so you can look forward to lots of FABULOUS pics of our adventures!


mrs. miss alaineus said...

bon voyage!!!!!

i can't wait to see the vacation photos!!!!

*slarch* one step up from a mensch!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Have a fabulous trip :o)

David Dust said...

You are such a glamorous globetrotter.


Coelha :B said...

Have a safe and fun trip! Sounds like you are going to have a blast! :) Julie

MadeInScotland said...



Lisa said...

Be careful Miss G! I can't wait for the recap and the pictures!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to pictures. The kitties will miss you and will expect some kind of gift. MBC


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