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Friday, October 14, 2011

Ah, Youth!

When one of us would say something with youthful exuberance or naivete, Momma G would say "Ah, youth!  It's wasted on the young!"  She probably would not have sad that about this sign; she, like many posters on facebook, would probably congratulate this young person, and herald them as exemplary among today's youth. If Queen Ginger had remained in the small southern town where she was raised, she might think the same thing!

But lucky for Queen G, she moved to the big city!  She has seen a little bit of the world outside the US.  And she has met many friends and acquaintances who have opened her eyes to such naivete!

Queen Ginger would love the opportunity to pose a few questions to this smug, overconfident young graduate:

1. Do you suppose you would be so smug if you had contracted a debilitating disease or developed a devastating handicap?  Do you think you could work 30 hours and week and carry all that course load if you came down with mono?  Hepatitis?  Pneumonia?  All three are common in the tight environment of college campuses and take you out for an entire semester.

2. How do you think you would handle 30 hours a week and all of that course load with a child to raise?  Along with bathing, feeding, educating, nurturing, studying, working, and trying to get a few winks of sleep, do you supposed you would have time to pen signs to post on the internet?

3. What would you do if your parents, a sibling, or another loved one took gravely ill and needed your care and attention?  Would you be by your families side in their time of need, and perhaps their last days on earth, or would your midnight shift at IHOP be more important to you?

4. What do you think would happen if the companies who funded those scholarships you covet had a financial crisis and failed?  Do you think fulfilling their scholarships would be their first priority? 

You've been very lucky, you little shit- and don't you EVER take that for granted!!  Otherwise, the sign you are holding may look more like this:


David Dust said...

PREACH, Queen Ginger!!!!!!


Wonder Man said...

real talk

Anonymous said...

I hope this person majored in something besides education, law enforcement, or social work because they will continue to work hard for low pay.

Beth said...

So wild that we both riffed on the same stupid sign! I think both of us were more than a little outraged by the lack of compassion and understanding of the plights of others. Your questions were excellent ones, and it's probably never occurred to the smug little A-hole to think about how some people are just physically incapable of working at such a pace.

I'm glad there a quite a few of us who are starting to STAND UP and say "Wait a minute. That's not right!"

I am proud to stand with the 99 percent!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

99 is so much better than 999.


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