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Thursday, October 20, 2011

GingerSnaps: Meet Fiona!!

If you've not heard of Fiona, Queen Ginger is working hard to change that!  As you may have read here, her friend Fiona Dawson entered a contest to get her own show on a little known, relatively unwatched new network. (Just kidding, Momma O!) That attempt was ill-fated, but Fiona's determination to make it happen was not, and she soldiered on to find a way to celebrate diversity and open the world's eyes to everyday miracles that people are accomplishing  to end discrimination! So moved was the Queen by Fiona's pitch and passion that she made a small donation to her campaign on Kickstarter to help her find a way to produce the show herself, and with that seed money, Fiona was able to travel to India to visit a hostel for women who are rescued from the red-light district in Mumbai, where they had been sold into prostitution.  She filmed miles of footage, and is ready to pitch the show to production companies and television executives to find a partner to produce the episodes.  Take a look at her pitch reel:
Fiona Sizzle Reel from Fiona Dawson on Vimeo.

So, whaddya say, GingerSnaps?  Does this look like a show that would interest you?  Queen Ginger thinks Fiona's positive, fresh take on the GOOD things people are doing to END the oppression of discrimination is what sets this show apart from any others on the air!

So, in support of Fiona's efforts, the Queen herself is throwing open the gates of the palace to host a little cocktail party in Fiona's honor! At the party, Fiona will explain what she is accomplished so far, what still needs to be done, and what her friends and supporters can do to help her make this lifelong dream a reality!  Being new to the American television scene,  she looking for advice, contacts, leads, introductions, or any other "insider tips" she can get to help move the project forward.  Since she probably will need to produce a full episode up front in order to pitch the series, she will also be making an offer to potential investors who may wish to support her endeavor.

If you are interested in attending the party, hit up Queen G for an invite!  And if you've got advice, contacts,or just words of encouragement for Fiona's efforts,  leave them in the comments or email them here and we'll get them into the proper hands!

Take care, and love to all!

1 comment:

mistress maddie said...

Well Queenie G, I think it is intresting and I think their would be enough intrest to get viewership. I wish her all the luck and Im sure she will enjoy a little soriee at Chez Grant. Also if you get a moment stop by the Casa. I wanted to know what your thoughts are on the Kindle or simliar device. I mentioned I didn't think the Queen did a lipstick review , or did I miss one?


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