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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Celebrate 5-0 With Miss Ginger!!!

As loyal readers already know, and new readers will soon find out, Miss Ginger LOVES a party!  As she revealed earlier this year, she has never, in all her years, had a surprise party, so she's throwing herself one!  Obviously, she's has known her 50th birthday was inevitable for quite so me time, so that's not a surprise. And she knows she wants to celebrate it in New Orleans, so there's no surprise there, either.  Now she's signed the contract for the hotel arrangements, so that won't be a surprise.  But the one thing that can surprise her is YOU!  YOU can show up to the party and make it the best surprise ever!! (Just don't tell her you're coming!)

So here's the gig. We've blocked a group of rooms at the luxurious Bourbon Orleans Hotel right in the middle of Bourbon Street.  Miss Ginger has stayed there many times, and she has to say it's one of the best locations in the French Quarter!  The party will be on Friday, February 22, 2013 with continued festivities through the weekend.  If you'd like to join in the fun, call the hotel at 866.513-9744 and request the George Burch Group rate of $209 per night, a steal for a French Quarter property!  Call soon to be sure you can get this rate!

Miss Ginger has booked herself a balcony suite overlooking Bourbon Street, and that's where the Friday night party will begin! It's over the top glamour like you never seen, so pack your sparkliest sequins and your poofiest boas, because anyone who shows up without over-the-type finery will be thusly adorned!  We'll have drinks and nibbles, see who arrives, and celebrate half a century of untold sophistication! 

Saturday night, after a day of rest and recuperation, we'll have a room reserved at Emeril's NOLA, one of Miss G's favorite eateries, for those who wish to join us.  Sunday, there will be brunch at the hotel, either ala carte or catered, depending on how large our party turns out to be.  So, if you're in for a birthday blowout bash like no other, here's what you need to do:

1. Call the hotel to book your room: 866.513-9744.  Rooms will be released on a first come, first served basis, and will be held at the rate of $209 through Friday, December 21st.  After that date, rooms will be booked at the rack rate.  You're welcome to other hotel arrangements if you wish, but the rate of $209 is a great deal, and the hotel is in the middle of everything.
2. Please email our Cruise Director, Sonna, at, to let her know you're coming.  She's keeping the guest list TOP SECRET, especially to Miss G, but she needs a head count to be able to plan the activities, etc. Let her know if you wish to be included in the head count for NOLA and the brunch on Sunday morning.
3. Make your travel plans! United, Delta, Jet Blue, and Southwest all fly into Louis Armstrong International Airport.  The hotel offers valet parking if you choose to drive.  And if you plan your trip carefully, you can even take Megabus from spots long the east coast!
4. Pack your bags with glitz, glamour, and comfortable shoes, and DON'T TELL GINGER you are coming!!  She hopes to see all of you there, but hopes there will be a least SOME element of surprise!  

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