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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Miss Ginger is Back! Again!

Miss Ginger apologizes for her long hiatus, but this girl had to spend some time taking care of herself.  After her last attempt at weightloss got waylaid by boredom and monotony, she had about all but given up!  As you can see by the pic at the left, her rosy cheeks were getting a little too plump, and quite frankly, she grew tired of the limited selection in the big girls' section

Rather than looking for a "diet," she started with a couple of simple shopping tips, and before you know it, she's working out 2x's a week and and feeling better than ever.

Miss Ginger is certainly no expert on weight loss (perhaps the opposite!) and she's not recommending this program for anyone but herself, but she has had so many people ask "what are  you doing" that she thought she would share her experience. Trust, she still has a long way to go, but so far this has been working! 

#1: Start SOMEWHERE!  Find one thing you can commit to changing, and change it.  For Miss Ginger, it started at the grocery store. She looked into her cart and saw beef, sausage, more beef, frozen foods, and carbs.  Salt, fat, and carbs: her three favorite food groups! She decided the buck stops here with one simple rule:  no more beef.  It had become her default protein, and that's not healthy. So she put it all back, and got turkey instead. 

#2: Be TRUTHFUL and REASONABLE with yourself.  Miss Ginger knew that if she said "I will never eat beef again" she would be lying.  And she certainly knew that to say "no more salt, fat, beef, or processed food" would not only be a lie, it would be unreasonable!  So she refined her commitment to say what she really meant: "I will no longer buy beef as my default protein when shopping, and I will eliminate fast food hamburgers from my diet."  So there.  No more cooking a steak 2 nights a week "cuz it's too nice not to grill" or "I'm gonna swing through McD's cuz I don't feel like cooking."  So, when she's in a restaurant and she's in the mood for a steak, she'll make the decision to indulge.  

#3: MASTER #1 before moving on.  Whatever commitment you made, get it solidified before you start making more demands on your already scarce self-discipline! 

#4: USE CRUTCHES! (Even a hottie like this needs a little help now and then!)  In future posts Miss Ginger will tell you more about some of the tools she used to keep on track, but whether it's a Fitbit, a food diary, or a cheat day, make crutches part of your plan so you can control how frequently you use them, rather than grabbing them all the time! 


#5: ASK FOR HELP!  This was the hardest part for Miss Ginger:  she's an independent soul who likes to do things alone!  Her history with exercise and weight loss has been to take on the world, and then quit due to boredom, injury, or lack of results.  This time, she enlisted the help of a personal trainer, whom she sees twice a week, to help her keep moving forward without hurting herself or giving up.  This was not an easy decision, but one she doesn't regret! 

So now Miss G is moving more, eating less, and changing her body.  She's less focused on losing pounds and more focused on losing inches at the waist. She's feeling better, sleeping better, and has more energy and more stamina.

She also has lots of Consumer Product Reviews® coming your way to help you benefit from her experience and shopping prowess!!! 

How's everybody doing? We have a lot of catching up to do!  Drop me a line in the comments below and let me know what you've been up to! 


Sam said...

BRAVO Ho!!!!!

Beth said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Beth said...

So happy to have Miss G back! I've been on blog hiatus, too, but am about ready to start up again. I miss writing!

I am so proud of you for working on your health and fitness! Since I just saw you in October, I know that your decisions have really made a difference, because you do look absolutely fabulous!

Love you bunches! XOXO

Lisa said...

Congrats and Cudos!

As soon as I have my knee surgery I will be following your footsteps!

Can't wait for the tips and other goodies that you will be sharing!

mrs.missalaineus said...

hear hear!!!!


Bob Slatten said...

Good on you, Miss G!

"Tommy" said...

Ms. G. Glad you are back.!!!!!!

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