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Friday, May 15, 2009

It's Like Crack for an OCD Drag Queen!

Not only is Miss Ginger losing weight on NutriSystem®, she living an OCD Drag Queen's dream come true! Imagine: color-coded meals that you can pop in a microwave and eat in 2 minutes! Red is dinner and green is lunch...
blue is breakfast and pink is snacks/desserts.
Miss Ginger is so OCD that she has even prepacked all of her grocery item "add ins" in the proper serving size, so in the mornings she can grab her days food, throw it in her little lunchbox, and head out the door! I would have started this years ago if I had known how easy it was, how good it tastes, and how well it works!The second shipment came today, and it had a little bear with a 10 on his chest to commemorate my first 10 pounds lost! The goal is 60 pounds so Miss G's gonna have a whole pack of rainbow bears by the time it's done!
Miss Ginger promises she won't bore you all with Nutrisystem® posts often, and she won't have trouble keeping that promise since Nutrisystem comes with its own blog, which probably should be called "The Big, Fat Blog of Boy Ginger!" Check it out if you wish, but I'll warn you it's not nearly as much fun as TFBOMGG!


Anonymous said...

Congratualtions on that first 10 pounds! I had to crack up at the organization. You have a gift, missy!

Beth said...

Hey, you post all you want about this. I think it's awesome that you're doing this and have already lost 10 pounds! Keep going, hon! XO Beth

Sam said...

TEN POUNDS, You despicable ho. I'm so jealous, and proud of you. So how many of those boxes do you get to eat at one time? 6, 7? Keep it up.

mistress maddie said...

That's great news there girl! I think you better organize that area more! Could it be more organized? I love it. I'm the same way here also! Keep up the good work Miss G!

miss alaineus said...

let me know when i have to make my appointment for the dentist and find my xanax hook-up :D

congrats, keep it up! i think it's
'refic you are doing so well and that the system is working :D

Anonymous said...

very good-you'll have to get Ginger and George some new clothes soon. MBC

Char said...

Good for you! ^5
Keep it up.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Hip-Hip-Hooray :o) Congrats.

edder said...

Congrats!! Keep us posted...don't be shy. Why start now??

So, my new OCD soulmate -- what kind of label maker do you have? Do you alphabetize the meals or do they come that way?

I used to be a professional organizer ;)

Miss Ginger Grant said...

Actually, I sort them by primary ingredient: "Chicken", "Beef", "Pasta",... etc.
Brother P-touch. The fancy kind that connect to my PC!

Joy said...

Congratulations!!! That's great! Post all you want to about this. I'm considering it and wanted to see how you did. Way to go!!

Love your organizing!!!

Lora said...

Good girl! Ten pounds already is awesome. And I'm dying to color code my life. If I lived alone, my house would be an OCD palace, but I have to pretend to be normal so my family doesn't put me away

MadeInScotland said...

Miss GG - just to say Xfe is doing hs steamed chilli fried haricots verts as I type this, so I'm taking pics and will blog it soon for you.

BTW-are you aware of Eurovision and how much it excites us here?

Mark in DE said...

Wow, you really ARE OCD with the organization of that food! :-)


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