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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Oh, Well.

Seems the next Mr. Ginger Grant is "in a realtionship", according the facebook.
He's still a sweetie! Hope I didn't scare him so badly he won't "friend" me!


Beth said...

Doggone it. Maybe he's got a cute friend...!

Joy said...

Lie in wait! Or maybe he has a cute friend, as Beth said.

Sam said...

The next Mr. GG? Trust me, stay single. This Ho has had it with the whole marriage, and relationship thing. What was I thinking getting tied down. O.k I'm spinning.

MadeInScotland said...

I think the next Mr. GG is waiting, keping himself warm. Very warm.


mistress maddie said...

Girl, fire up that big old stove and cook him a southern dinner. There's two ways to get a man. cook him dinner or get him drunk! Of corse, the Mistress is a little buzzed right now after tea dance, so maybe this isn't the best advice

frogponder said...

There is always cyber stalking...

Indigo said...

Aww, I just read the entry before this one. Never know, some things don't last forever...(Hugs)Indigo


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