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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Free Grub!

In an interesting attempt to end world hunger, Oprah is buying us all lunch! Isn't that swell of her?! She's invited the world to go to her website and download a coupon for a free lunch at KFC!
There are a couple of comments Miss Ginger just can't miss the opportunity to make:
1. Think of all the unfortunate homeless Americans who could benefit from this meal, but they won't be able to print the coupon because the port authority won't let them plug in their laptops. And besides, their printers are out of ink.
2. The coupon clearly states that the coupon is valid through May 19th, except May 10th- Mother's Day. Is KFC really expecting a Mother's Day rush? Do people REALLY bring their Mom's to KFC for Mother's Day?!
3. That grilled chicken must be some pretty nasty shit- this is the second time they've tried to give it away in 2 weeks!

Enough rant- I'm headed to Popeyes!


mistress maddie said...

I love me some Popeye's! Wait till Bob see's this Orpah story from over at I Should be Laughing!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

What, you would not take mama to KFC (ludicrous :o)

Wonder Man said...

love some Popeye's

Joy said...

No, we don't take mothers and AUNTS to KFC for Mother's Day or any special lunch!

Have any of you had their grilled chicken? You have a point about how hard they're trying to give it away?

Bob said...

I wonder if they'll be any chicken left in the world after Oprah sends her flying monkeys the KFC.

Just say NO, Oprah.

How's THAT for an áha'moment?

Dan said...

Girl I loves me some Popeyes. I get the gravy and mashed taters and I dip my drumstick in it. :)

Mark in DE said...

KY GRILLED chicken? I guess somebody told them to get the F out.

Coelha :B said...

I'll print them out and give it to a client over here...we get some hungry people at work reporting in. It's a shame they just don't have the coupons in front of the store. I'm having a hard time printing these!!

Joy said...

LOL Oprah and her flying monkeys! You're good, Bob!


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