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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bad, Bad, Gurl/Boy!!!

Ginger was a bad, bad gurl today! She TOTALLY cheated on her diet!!! One of the secrets to her loss of 20 pounds is that she has stayed off the "sauce" for about 24 days- it made a big difference! But today, she got crocked- at "Crocker" of all places!!!

Crocker is a "not new" bar here in the Houston Montrose area. I call it not new because it one of those buildings in the midst of the gayborhood that runs as a bar for a while, then closes, then reopens with a new name, then closes, the reopens, etc. If it were on Dynasty is would be named Crystal Martinis BriarPatch Crocker Carrington!

ANYHO- Boy Ginger went there with Miss Sonna to support a couple of this year's candidates for Mint Julep- the uber cute Alex and a newish drag queen who's name escapes her at the moment- Vivica, I think! He sent Boy G because he KNEW Miss Ginger would drink too much. Boy G was going to alternate Mich Ultras and water and keep the calorie count below 200.

Well, guess what. He drank like 6-sh, (he lost count) and not one single bottle of water!! So instead of 200 calories it was almost 600, maybe more, and he has totally blown the diet for the day!! Miss Ginger is PISSED at him!!! She stayed home all for naught! For as good as he was, she coulda gone out and had a GOOD TIME!

Anyho, you gotts love the sign outside of Crocker! It has become so iconic they are now using it as a logo!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Still, 600 is not all that bad. Perhaps a walk or something is in order :o)

miss alaineus said...

i gave up eating bread so i could drink regular beer-- works for me :D

love the sign....

miss alaineus had a great time this weekend antshiz not gonna breathe a word about any more details then that ;D


David Dust said...

Wut up Tranny!!! I LOOOOVE that!

Honey, I have to get back on the wagon tomorrow - this weekend was not pretty.


Sam said...

Seems perfectly logical for you to celebrate the loss of 20 lbs, right? Alex? going to have to think about that

Beth said...

You know, I think if you deny deny deny yourself, you'll REALLY go off the deep end one day, so better to have a day like this where you HAD FUN, then you can get back to your regular routine! XO Beth

Bob said...

Miss Ginger, I kid you not.
The word verification is:


That said, it was a misstep by Boy Ginger. You can make up for it.



Anonymous said...

It's okay! Do not beat your lovely self (either one) over it. You just get back on the wagon and cherish the memories. At least that's what I'm telling myself after the 6 pack of apricot ale that "disappeared."

Mark in DE said...

"Wut up Tranny" - I love it!

Joy said...

Wut up Tranny cracks me up!!

Wonder Man said...

I trying to be good


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