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Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Honesty Award.

Miss Ginger received "The Honest Blogger" award from Edder over at "I Don't Care for Your Tone", an honor for which she is truly grateful! By the way, if you're not reading the musing of this beautiful and hilarious Canook, check her out here!
Anyway, along with the award, Miss Ginger is compelled to share 10 honest things about herself, so here goes:
1. She is terrified of snakes, the one animal she just can't abide. If she sees a picture of a snake it will give her bad dreams at night.
2. She LOVES to talk about bodily functions! There is nothing funnier on earth than a good fart joke!
3. Her favorite hobby is people watching. She can sit in an airport for hours, imaging the back stores of all the freaks and ho's that pass her by.
4. Not a day goes by that she doesn't miss her late Mother. Of all the people Miss Ginger has lost, that has left the largest hole in her life.
5. She talks to her cats like they are people, and responds as though they have answered. The conversations sometimes go on for hours.
6. Her favorite part of her day job is 5pm.
7. Her favorite part of her stage gig is perfume. Her least favorite part is wigs- damn those things are hot! Shoes and pantyhose be damned, it's the wigs that drive her crazy!
8. She thinks the funniest word on earth is "butthole". It's like there's a hole in your butt- hope nothing leaks out! Why don't we call our nostrils "noseholes"? Our our mouths "faceholes"?
9. She cries at the end of stupid, sappy, feel-good movies and broadway shows, because they are over and she wishes they could have lasted forever!
10. She takes pills that make her pee a lot, which can be really inconvenient when she is tucked into 3 layers of panty hose!
Now, Miss Ginger is also supposed to award the Honest Blogger award to 7 bloggers of her choice, who hopefully will respond will even more titalating revelations! So, the Bloggy Award goes to:
David at David Dust
Joy at Babble On
And if you are not reading these blogs, check them out! They are hand selected by Miss G as grade A, certified top quality, filet of the web reading!


Beth said...

Thank you, sweetie, I'm very honored, and since I'm a big fan of honesty, this means a lot to me. I'll do a write up tomorrow, and be thinking about ten things about me. Yikes!

Love ya, Beth

miss alaineus said...

i am honored and as soon as i figure out how to add that pic to the sidebar, we good to go!!!! what will be hard is to nominate people you didnt nominate already....

oflou outta work tonight so that i could come home and do more damn work. something is so wrong with that!


mistress maddie said...

Miss G- you are too kind my friend! I have been so busy lately I am waaaaaay behind in blog reading. I will have to get my list together. It will be fun. Thank you again! Love your list girl!

Mistress Maddie

mistress maddie said...

Oh and I forgot. Your number 8 on the list refering to holes. I do call most peoples mouths pieholes!

Sam said...

Ho, I bow at your feet, I'm deeply honored also. It's amazing, two of your revelations (3, and 4) are exactly the same as me. So with that I'll have to dig deeper, and go there.

David Dust said...

Check out my blog tomorrow afternoon...


Anonymous said...

G-I will have to work on a list for you, but #4 is sooo true for me, but few people know-I cry at sappy movies also. MBC

MadeInScotland said...

well done Miss GG - and I'm all in favour of the arsetril rebranding (for US cousins, asstril).

Joy said...

Thank you, Miss Ginger! I'll do my best to come up with something. Your list is great! Thanks again! Many hugs!!!

Mark in DE said...

Regarding #2, we are gonna have some FUN together during the DDBW!!


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